CREALITY HALOT-ONE series 3D printers unlock your spooky Halloween creativity

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SPONSORED NEWS – Creality has established itself as a market leader in the budget FDM 3D printer world for the best-seller Ender series. For resin printer lovers who pursue high accuracy in details, Creality has several competitive offerings too, and this buyer’s guide will recap the differences in specs of the HALOT-ONE series aimed at providing a premium user experience for 3D printing beginners and FDM printer users who plan to choose their first resin printers.

One of the main features of the HALOT series is Creality’s self-develop Integral Light Source technology. Unlike the Parallel Emission technology you can find in most resin printers, the HALOT series offers enhanced lighting intensity, super precise printing, and excellent lighting evenness. According to the data from Creality Lab, while Parallel Emission only achieves 73.4% surface evenness, Integral Light Source can produce up to 90% evenness, increasing printing accuracy.

HALOT-ONE – the basic HALOT version

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The HALOT-ONE has a 6-inch 2K LCD monochrome screen with a 2560 x 1620 pixel resolution, Wi-Fi connectivity, a large 5-inch color touchscreen, and a 127*80*160mm build volume. Powered by an ARM Cortex-M4 CPU, the HALOT-ONE brings you above-par performance at an affordable price.

Creality’s first resin slicer Creality Box can give you a simple and straightforward slicing experience, but other software options are available including ChiTuBox and Lychee.

Resin odor is one of the factors that keep some users away from using resin printers. The HALOT-ONE’s air filtration system with the activated charcoal filter will help filter out the fumes effectively.

Originally priced at $289, the HALOT-ONE printer only costs $145 during the Halloween special discount period when purchased from the Creality Official Store. If you plan to pick your first printer, the HALOT-ONE can be your best choice to try out at a minimum price.

HALOT-ONE Pro – for better performance

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As the suffix “Pro” suggests, the HALOT-ONE Pro has better specs than the HALOT-ONE. Debuting in April this year, the HALOT-ONE Pro carries a larger build volume of 130 x 122 x 160 mm, and a 7.05-inch monochrome 3K monochrome LCD with a 2560 x 2400 resolution. It also integrates Wi-Fi connectivity, air filtration, and remote control features.

The 5-inch touchscreen of the pro version supports 14 languages including Chinese and English, making it more accessible to users worldwide. And the printing model can be rendered on the screen during the printing for better visualization. Apart from a USB port, you can connect the HALOT-ONE Pro via Wi-Fi, getting prints remotely from a PC and Creality Cloud.

Unlike the HALOT-ONE, the pro version of the printer is equipped with dual z-axis linear rails that give the printer extra stability and layer accuracy.

The HALOT-ONE Pro is at the price point of $349 but a $51 discount is available. For those who are new to 3D printing and have the budget to buy a resin printer with better specs, the HALOT-ONE Pro will live up to your expectations.

HALOT-ONE Plus – for larger build volume

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The HALOT-ONE Plus has a 7.9-inch 4K monochrome screen with a 4320 x 2560 resolution. With a large build volume of 172 x 102 x 160 mm, the plus version unlocks more creative possibilities. In addition to remote features, you can also add a camera module to the printer to view the prints in real time.

Similar to the pro version, the plus version has dual linear rails offering stability and better print quality, and an integrated air filtration system to remove the odors. If you prefer a large printer with a budget under $400, the HALOT-ONE Plus at $399 is a premium choice. Creality will offer an 15% discount during October 10-October 30 meaning that you can get one for only $339 and share the joy of Halloween with others.

Resin printers have been widely used in not only making action figures but also used in industries including dentistry, jewelry, and architecture design where high accuracy in details is required. The three models of the HALOT-ONE resin printers are available at in the United States and in European countries. There are various discounts for you to explore at our above official store.

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  2. “the HALOT-ONE Plus at $399 is a premium choice. Creality will offer an 85% discount during October 10-October 30 meaning that you can get one for only $339”
    In English, $60 off a $399 price is called a 15% discount. Selling it at 85% of list price is NOT the same as an “85% discount.” I hope the manual is better written.

  3. Thought about getting one, ordered it with the discount – and then waited. After a week support told me it was scheduled for delivery same day, two days later it was still listed as “awaiting delivery”. So I cancelled the order again … mainly not because of the delay but because I used the meantime to read me up to date on resin printing … messy business, prints require to be alcohol-washed and UV cured, and the washing alcohol cannot be cleaned or filtered in any satisfactory way. Didn’t want to spend my free time caring about hazardous waste or messing about with chemicals.
    So – if you’ve got the time and money to spare and plan on printing a lot, go for it. If you need only one or two resin printed parts every now and then, it might be more sensible to order from a printing service and spare yourself the hassle.

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