For the price of this AirTag case, you can buy 20 AirTags!

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NEWS – If you’re in the market for a case/holder for your Apple AirTag, here’s one that you’ll probably not buy unless you’re Oprah. It’s the handmade sterling silver Good Art HLYWD AirTag case. It’s only $535. Yeah… Who has that kind of money to dump on a case for a $25 AirTag (when you get a pack of 4 for $99)? Maybe a better purchase would be their Fancy Pods sterling silver Apple AirPods case for $650. Head over to and have fun going broke. Or, go to Amazon and buy a pack of 5 holders for only $6.99 from Amazon. They obviously aren’t sterling silver though. But the Amazon holders have a carabiner whereas the Good Art holders don’t come with one.

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  2. I’m constantly amused by folks who think they have to have a case to prominently display a device that is meant to quietly track the position of something that may have been lost or stolen. Why would you want to advertise the presence of that device by hanging it out in the open on the handle, where it can easily be torn off, removed, or damaged? Unless your bag is made of RFID-blocking material, put it in an inside pocket!

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