Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level review – it will keep you on a straight path

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Kaiweets Laser Level 2

REVIEW – Since purchasing my home, I have been remodeling my basement space by space. The remodeling has included removing paneling that was installed by the previous owner of the house, and replacing it with metal studs, insulation, and sheetrock. Since there were no studs previously installed, all of the framing I am doing is from scratch, and making sure that the walls are straight and level is very important. I have been using a laser level from a famous brand, and I am very interested in seeing how this  Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level performs in comparison to the one I was using. Let’s see.

What is it?

The Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level is an all-in-one versatility device that features laser beams that assist with squaring, plumbing, and leveling. It can be used for floor and wall tiling, installing studs, hanging chandeliers, spotlight installs, air conditioner installation, door and window calibration, building structure measurement, and more.

What’s in the box

Kaiweets Laser Level 11 x Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level
1 x USB Cable
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Mounting Adapter
1 x Storage Bag
1 x User Manual

Design and features

Kaiweets Laser Level 23

  • 3 x 360° Green Lines with Greater Visibility
  • 196ft/60M Laser Distance Measurement Under 20000lux Illuminance
  • Self-leveling within 4 Degrees, Leveling Accuracy: ± 3mm / 10m
  • Work Up To 20 Hours of Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries


Kaiweets Laser Level 22
The Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level is heavy-duty and made of mostly plastic and rubber. it features lasers on 3 sides, a removable/rechargeable battery, and a detachable tripod/stand mount. It also comes with a nicely made storage bag.
Kaiweets Laser Level 3

Kaiweets Laser Level 4
Kaiweets Laser Level 5
Kaiweets Laser Level 6
Kaiweets Laser Level 7
Kaiweets Laser Level 8
Kaiweets Laser Level 9
Kaiweets Laser Level 10
Kaiweets Laser Level 11
Kaiweets Laser Level 12
Kaiweets Laser Level 13
Kaiweets Laser Level 24
Kaiweets Laser Level 25


The first thing I did was charge the removable/rechargeable battery. This can be done attached to or detached from the Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level.
Kaiweets Laser Level 14
Kaiweets Laser Level 15
Kaiweets Laser Level 16
Below I am showing the tripod/stand mount attached to the laser level. I do not use tripods very often for my projects but it is a very useful feature and capability. The mount is also magnetic which allows me to attach the level to a stud should I need to.Kaiweets Laser Level 17
Kaiweets Laser Level 26
There are 3 modes that the Kaiweets Laser Level is capable of. The charts below describe the modes and instructions on how to use them.


Kaiweets Laser Level 27
Kaiweets Laser Level 28
Kaiweets Laser Level 29
The photos below show how I used the Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level on my current project. I was installing metal studs in an older home and needed to make sure that they were straight and level. As you can see, the laser allows me to line up and attach the studs on all places by providing the straight line guide on the floor, wall, and ceiling all at once and in line with each other, the laser is very bright so there are no mistakes when attaching the studs.
Kaiweets Laser Level 18
Kaiweets Laser Level 20
Kaiweets Laser Level 21

What I like

  • The design
  • The build quality
  • The mounting and usability options
  • The strength/throw of the laser
  • the versatility
  • The rechargeable battery

What I’d change

  • Nothing so far

Final thoughts

After using the Kaiweets KT360A Laser Level on my most recent project it will be my go-to level for future projects. I love the multiple plains that it covers and the intensity of the LED that makes it very visible and easy for me to see. Being able to recharge the battery and not have to run around looking for batteries is great and although I rarely use them, the inclusion of a tripod mount with a magnetic base is great. I give this laser level a very well done and 2 thumbs up!! IMHO, worth every penny!!

Price: $209.99
Where to buy: Kaiweets website (Save 15% OFF with CODE: Julie15 )
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Kaiweets.

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