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GADGETEER NEWS – We’ve had an automated newsletter for over 10 years and I never complained much about it because it was handled by a 3rd party for free. For those of you who are subscribed, you’ve no doubt noticed missing newsletters here and there over the years due to the automated process breaking from time to time. A breakdown happened last week and I decided it was well overdue for me to take matters into my own hands (server) and start hosting the newsletter myself.

What does this mean to you? It means you can be sure (unless I’m kidnapped by Apple or Google so that they can take me to a special location to show me all their top secret products) that you’ll receive a newsletter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (US time).

It also means that the newsletter will contain no meaningless advertisements. Instead, you’ll receive info on the latest news, reviews, and articles along with occasional special content only sent to subscribers like special offers, contests, commentary from me, etc.).

If you’re not already subscribed, it’s easy. CLICK to subscribe to our email newsletter. I promise on a stack of gadgets that your email address will NEVER EVER be shared with anyone and will only be used for the sole purpose of receiving The Gadgeteer Daily Digest.

3 thoughts on “Updates to The Gadgeteer Daily Digest!”

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  2. This is great! I have not heard from you in well over a year so I thought you quit doing it. Then the other day I got notice. I got this today, so I wondered what happened.

  3. The new format is very similar, but I think just a tad nicer.
    Of particular note, the old one required loading images or the content flow would be completely broken. That is no longer the case.
    Great job!

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