Become a WFH ninja with the I’mOn mouse mover!

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – If you work from home then you need this gadget in your life. I’mOn will keep your computer from locking the screen or setting your status to ‘Away’ when you’re not sitting at your computer. But there is no point just looking like you are online if you do not respond to messages or calls. I’mOn provides the perfect solution by moving your mouse every 5 seconds and transmitting all sounds that come from your computer to the included Bluetooth speaker.

Put your mouse on top of the I’mOn, grab your portable speaker and chill in another room, outside, by the pool, or more without worry. I’mOn will keep your status as ‘Available’ and let you know when your computer makes a ping, beep, or ding.

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I’mOn’s microphone will let you hear when you’re away

In addition to making it look like you’re busy working, the I’mOn also provides the same power abilities as having two 5-watt, one 10-watt, and two 20-watt USB-C Power Delivery (PD) fast chargers but in a far more compact form factor.

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60 watts of charging happiness. Perfect for charging all of your devices
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I’mOn, your work from home (WFH) companion

Once you have an I’mOn, your work life will get better. Check out the video below and order yours today!

Where can I find more info about the I’mOn?

The I’mOn campaign ends on 9/6/22 and they are just getting started towards their funding goal of $7,780. You can pre-order an I’mOn starting at CAD$200 (US$155) with 10% and 20% discounts for early birds. After the I’mOn campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in December 2022. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

7 thoughts on “Become a WFH ninja with the I’mOn mouse mover!”

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  2. Why do you promote equipment which have the sole intention to to help employees steal from employers? Whatever argument you are going to make remember, this product is specifically designed to deceive the individuals paying you for your time. This item is the exact reason companies will argue against WFH situations. Whatever your issue with some controlling companies requirements foe this staff, you should t promote theft..

    1. I’m not sure the intention is to steal time. For example, when at an office and work is slow, they usually have you do other things while you wait for work to come in, such as clean your workstation and the areas around you and so on. Well, the same can happen at home. A lot of systems use the “Away” to signify when someone is unavailable to help a customer, (Breaks/Lunch) but that may not necessarily be the case every time. If you work from home and it’s a slow day, you may find yourself waiting 30 minutes or so for work to come through. Inbetween that time you just sit there, waiting, fighting fatigue and what not but you stay there and occasionally jiggle your mouse so you don’t automatically go to “Away.” In this scenario, this device allows you to leave your workstation and do other things (Dishes/Laundry/Clean) while still monitoring when work comes through so you can respond. By fighting a device like this you are reducing WFH productivity.

  3. Hard pass, you can just buy a $15 mouse jiggler and a cheap Bluetooth speaker $10-20. No reason to pay $160 to combine them. Plus a normal mouse jiggler plugs into the wall thus undetectable to the computer, not sure how a computer will see this thing. Not worth risking your job, or the extra $100.

  4. The “inventor” of this device scammed the engineering company he hired to make the proof of concept out of over $5000 in unpaid work. But, I guess, if you’re willing to scam your employer out of time, you’ll have no problem scamming the company helping you to develop your idea.

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