Use the Podmkr to make your own coffee pods

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – The one thing that has stopped me from buying a Keurig is the cost of the pods.  While they are convenient, they are ridiculously expensive compared to grinding my own coffee and using a drip coffee maker.  What if I could have my cake and eat it, too?  That’s what the Podmkr, a Kickstarter campaign that’s already funded, is trying to do.  It’s a small coffee grinder that puts the grinds directly into a small pod, which I can use in a Keurig.  Huh!  That might just be enough to make me finally buy a Keurig.  You can learn more on their Kickstarter page.

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  2. Just buy reusable filters, grind your own and you don’t have to spend $$ on what you can do with your hands! (unless they’ve fallen off after your 666th 91-divoc “shot”) 🙄

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