Use the Podmkr to make your own coffee pods

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – The one thing that has stopped me from buying a Keurig is the cost of the pods.  While they are convenient, they are ridiculously expensive compared to grinding my own coffee and using a drip coffee maker.  What if I could have my cake and eat it, too?  That’s what the Podmkr, a Kickstarter campaign that’s already funded, is trying to do.  It’s a small coffee grinder that puts the grinds directly into a small pod, which I can use in a Keurig.  Huh!  That might just be enough to make me finally buy a Keurig.  You can learn more on their Kickstarter page.

20 thoughts on “Use the Podmkr to make your own coffee pods”

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  2. Just buy reusable filters, grind your own and you don’t have to spend $$ on what you can do with your hands! (unless they’ve fallen off after your 666th 91-divoc “shot”) 🙄

    1. Ok then tell me why all the disposable filters in the market aren’t actually designed to work like an actual k cup,? The small hole on the bottom of a disposable k cup is there to create pressure and increase the waters contact time with the grounds. Most filters for keyring just have a giant open hole which minimises the contact time of the water with the grounds resulting in a crappy cup I’d coffee

      1. Reusable pods already exist. Why bother? It’s the cleaning that is the problem. Waste of time and you need multiple pods to do breakfast or you need to clean for every person.

        1. Keurig machines are for people who just want a cup of coffee here or there. It sounds like you’re not really the target, as you want multiple cups for the whole family. A regular drip coffee pot would work better for you.

  3. I can already do that with any of my three coffee grinders and after market reusable K-cups. Keurig coffee just is not that good. I prefer my French press and cup drip coffee options

    1. Bob, can you please provide a link to one of your coffee grinders that can already do what the Podmkr will do? I’d like to see that. Thanks.

  4. David Shutovsky

    It’s totally a puzzle to me that anybody finds the taste of drip coffee acceptable Kurig or filter. Taste like cigarette soup to me.

  5. Unfortunately Kickstarter just took this project down due to copyright infringement within hours of the campaign ending and the creator collecting money. Kickstarter strikes again with no recourse, SMH. Sounds like a scam to me…

    1. I got mine and I love it. It has a small footprint. It is powerful and only takes 10 seconds to grind my coffee. I personally love it!

  6. As of now, their Kickstarter page says, “PODMKR – Grind your own Coffee Pods is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.” Another Kickstarter complained that PODMKR copied them ( Here’s the the other Kickstarter (

    Honestly, I don’t think these are the same thing at all. Perhaps Kickstarter will allow PODMKR to move on.

    1. It’s clearly not – their deal uses a filter in the pod and doesn’t grind, which to me is the key to the PODMKR – a grind appropriate for the high-pressure needed to properly make a K-Cup.

      Interesting that the notification of charge came immediately before the notice of IP challenge.

      When I supported it, and sent the link around, it was with the knowledge that $100 was cheap for a device like this, and that I was essentially buy a lotto scratcher.

      This is the kind of thing that gives Kickstarter a bad name and keeps more people from supporting innovation. Kickstarter should freeze funding when there’s an IP challenge.

    2. Their response today…

      Hi backers,
      First of all, I want to thank you for your support during our Kickstarter campaign.
      As you have seen, we received a copyright claim from the founder of another campaign. Many of you contacted me and asked if any coffee machine producers reached out. The answer to this is no.

      I want to be as transparent as possible in this situation and give you all the details.

      As English is not my first language, I outsourced copywriting for the campaign page to a third-party agency. It turns out that this agency copied text directly from another campaign. Especially the “Environmental Concern” section of the campaign was copied but also a few other terms throughout the campaign.

      Even though I did not personally copy that, I take full responsibility for this mistake. I should have checked it against similar products.

      I already worked with Kickstarter to change these sections on the campaign page.

      In addition, Kickstarter is currently reviewing the project and will decide how to proceed.

      As the claim was only raised after the end of the campaign, money has been collected from you by Kickstarter already.

      I have not received these funds yet, and Kickstarter is holding them while they look into the matter. If they decide that my campaign did not follow all guidelines, the money will not get released to me, and you will automatically receive your money back.

      This process can take up to 30 days but is out of our control. I have already submitted all required information to Kickstarter.

      I am personally really sorry for this mistake and hope it gets resolved as quickly as possible.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to answer this email, and I will try my best to answer you.

      Thank you again for your support


        1. I wish I could – looked all over for a public link.

          I received the same verbiage from two different emails through Kickstarter to (presumably) backers.

          Their main homepage is a redirect to the KS, no comment on their FB yet, and I don’t see a Twitter for them.

          1. Just got an email from “Kickstarter Trust and Safety” that their project is back up, so they must have worked out the copy issues.

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