Bambu Lab X1 Series raises the bar on 3D printers

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Bambu x1Series
NEWS – Have you ever wondered what would happen if a company put everything you wanted into a 3D printer and made it extremely affordable? Well, Bambu Lab has developed a new 3D printer that brings features to the consumer that were previously only available on very expensive industrial printers.

The Bambu Lab Z1 Series is launching via Kickstarter in May 2022. I’m normally not a fan of Kickstarter projects, but these printers are already in production, and the feature list is mind-blowing.

Ranging from $699 to $999 the three models look amazing. Here’s the X1 Series features list:

  • Enclosed Chassis with Activated carbon air filtering
  • CoreXY motion system with 500mm/s Velocity
  • 300°C all-metal hot end and hardened nozzle
  • 120°C heat bed, 60°C chamber
  • Large build volume of 256x256x256mm
  • Dual-Core 32-bit MCU
  • Quad-Core SoC
  • Dual auto bed leveling with force sensors and lidar
  • Lidar for first layer inspection and extrusion calibration
  • Monitors 43 sensors in real-time
  • 720p LCD touchscreen
  • Active vibration compensation
  • Optional Automatic Material System that holds up to 4 colors. Link up to 4 AMS’s together for 16 colors
  • RFID technology identifies filament information
  • Print with PLA, PET, ABS, PC, HIPS, ASA, carbon-fiber reinforced PA, and many more
  • Cloud Service and Remote Printing
  • Chamber monitoring camera
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Easy support removal

Bambu Micro Lidar brings micrometer-level precision into 3D printing. The Lidar system probes the nozzle height, calibrates the flow, and scans the first layer. Analog force sensors crosscheck the bed leveling for redundancy.

An AI system can detect Spaghetti situations (when the printing fails). The system can also send warnings to your mobile phone, and you can access the video feed from anywhere.

The printer comes pre-assembled and ready to print right out of the box. It’s fast, too, printing the standard benchy in about 16.5 minutes!

Check out more information, specs, and videos on the Bambu Lab website.

6 thoughts on “Bambu Lab X1 Series raises the bar on 3D printers”

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  2. “RFID technology identifies filament information”

    Locks you in to their over priced DRM -filled consumables. It could be a completely free 3D printer, but with that DRM, you couldn’t pay me.

      1. Ah, thanks for the update on this. I didn’t see this. I have had enough of the problems I’ve had with my current machine that locks you in. Every time I circumvent the DRM that locks you into approved PLA with RFID chips on the side of the drum they find a way to lock it again. It’s a good reason to landfill it, and I’m obviously not keen on this.

        If the price is right I may be interested in the Bambu Lab X1. I’ll have another look later.

        1. Hi there, it’s been a year since this informative review was published and I have to agree, the Bambu Lab X1 Series really does raise the bar on 3D printers! The incredible features this printer offers – such as the micrometer-level precision of the Bambu Micro Lidar, the AI system that can detect Spaghetti situations, and the impressive printing speed, not to mention it comes pre-assembled – are truly game-changing.

          If anyone is interested in experiencing these features first-hand, we are now offering the Bambu Lab X1 Series at our virtual store. You can check out our range of Bambu 3D printers We offer worldwide shipping and excellent customer service. Let us help you raise the bar in your 3D printing projects!

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