XMCOSY+ Outdoor Smart LED Dimmable String Lights review – WiFi controlled outdoor lighting

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XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 2

REVIEW – Spring is in the air, and my wife and I are into full outdoor mode. This means landscaping, planting vegetables and flowers, etc, and adding lights to our outdoor space. Most of the lights needed for the front of the house are in place, but I want more lights on my deck and eventually around the perimeter of the backyard. Now I get to add this string of XMCOSY+ Outdoor 98 Ft Smart LED Dimmable Warm White String Lights with WiFi Control.

What is it?

The XMCOSY+ Outdoor 98 Ft Smart LED Dimmable Warm White String Lights with WiFi Control can be controlled via an app or via voice with voice assistance like Alexa. It is extendable and comes with durable bulbs to withstand the outdoor elements.

What’s in the box

XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 61 x XMCOSY+ Outdoor String Lights
1 x Extra Bulbs
1 x User manual

Design and features


  • Dimmable & App Control – XMcosy white outdoor string lights are brightness dimmable via XMcosy App with 4 built-in scenes and custom scenes with adjustable breathing and blinking effects. Patio lights even feature such as timer, schedule, and automation.
  • Voice Control- XMcosy smart string lights work with Alexa and other intelligent voice assistants, no need to use a separate remote. Totally smart outdoor patio lights.
  • Extendable & Replaceable- XMcosy outdoor lights for patio able to extend multiple strings within 1 adapter to meet the needs of different spaces. 30 replaceable bulbs plus 2 spare bulbs, you can easily hold up any events without worries.
  • ETL Listed Commercial Grade- Made of PC harmless material, 12V DC output, and ETL certified to ensure user safety. IP65 waterproof, weatherproof and shatterproof design makes LED patio lights withstand bad weather.
  • Durable & Energy efficient- XMcosy outdoor patio lights use replaceable S14 Edison bulbs. The dual filament design makes it brighter than ordinary LED and incandescent bulbs, but more energy & power saving with 35 times the lifespan of incandescent bulbs.
    XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 1
    The lights are connected to each other by well-insulated wire. The bulbs are clear and relatively small. At the beginning of the string, there is the power adapter with the control button and at the end of the string, there is a plug that allows you to daisy-chain another string of lights.
    XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 6 1
    XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 7


Out of the box. I had to enlist the assistance of 2 other people to untangle this long string of lights. Once we were able to, I then figured out my layout and went to work hanging them.
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 3
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 4
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 5

When I was finished hanging the lights. I connected them to a power plug on my deck and then downloaded the app and followed the instructions to connect the lights to the app. This was easy and straightforward. The app offers pre-programmed scenes as well as an option for DIY scenes. Since these lights are just warm, the scene options are related to the level of lighting/brightness/warmth. The app also allows you to turn on/off, set timers, and schedule the on/off. You can automate the functions and use Alexa or another voice assistant to control them. I have Alexa and that works well.
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 10
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 11
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 12
The control adapter on the AC end of the string is the AC adapter plus the control button. This button is used to turn on the WiFi mode and to manually control the lights.
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 7
The following photos show the lights on my back deck at night:
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 8
XMCOSY Outdoor Smart LED Lights 9

Overall, this is a nice set of lights, the WiFi function along with the ability to automate really allows you to integrate them into a daily lighting scene. The connecting wire is well built and the bulbs do now seem like they would easily break and IMHO are likely to make it through winter and storms. The light that they provide really adds warmth to the surrounding environment.

What I like

  • The quality of the wire and the bulbs
  • The control options
  • The light and shades of light it provides
  • The app and Alexa control
  • The length of the string of lights
  • The ability to daisy chain
  • The DIY scenes feature

What I’d change

  • The way it is bundled in the box. Wires were tangled

Final thoughts

I like the XMCOSY+ LED string lights and I can see myself buying additional strings to either daisy chain or to use independently in other areas of my backyard. The bulbs are well built and not likely to easily break like conventional bulbs. The built-in scenes and the ability to create your own is nice.

Price: $76.49
Where to buy: Amazon (10% off coupon currently offered)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by XMCOSY

6 thoughts on “XMCOSY+ Outdoor Smart LED Dimmable String Lights review – WiFi controlled outdoor lighting”

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  2. Man, that looks great! I thought at first it was a promo photo from the manufacturer! Are all the lights in that last shot part of this one package, or are the few that have a cooler light something that was already there? Still, if there are that many lights, and you can install them that far apart, that’s amazing!

    1. The small white lights are solar lights that I have around the railing of the deck and the fence. All of the lights with a warm/yellowish look are this set of lights. The string is 98ft long so it covers a lot of space. I want to buy a second string to daisy-chain but my wife thinks that if I continue the space station will be able to pick out my home clearly!! LOL.

  3. They worked very well for the first few months but now they won’t power up fully. We’ve tried unplugging them to reset but nothing works. The app show the dimmer all the way up. But they are only powering up to about 1/2 power. Too dim to light up the patio. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! We loved them.

  4. I’d love to hear from anyone that has had these for more than 1 year with no problems. I’m currently on my third control box as they keep dying on me. SMH
    Pretty frustrating, as the lights are GREAT, I just wish I could replace the control box with a different manufacturer (like TPLink).

      1. Great to know Julian!
        I have seen way to many posts with failures similar to mine. I go to open the app and it can’t connect to the control module. I try to reset the control module to no avail. Even looking at Amazon they now sell a set with guess what? AN EXTRA CONTROL MODULE! SMH! They even sell just the control module and tout it as an upgraded control module. While the listing picture looks different than my original, the “upgrade” looks exactly the same.
        I’m glad to hear that someone has had ongoing success with theirs. Fingers crossed my current control module will stay the course.
        Otherwise I may have ditch this maker and move to another. Or find a way to bypass the control module and plug into a TPLink control module (I’m already in their ecosystem and they have been fairly steady for some years now).

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