You’ll feel like a superhero when you wear a Manly Bands DC ring!

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NEWS – Check out these crazy cool rings from Manly Bands. If that brand rings a bell (see what I did there?), it’s because Andy Chen reviewed one of their rings back in 2020. That ring was nice, but it wasn’t one of Manly Bands new DC Collection rings. This collection has 6 rings that have been inspired by… you guessed it… DC Comics superheroes. From left to right, there’s The Wonder Woman, The Superman, The Bruce Wayne, The Joker, The Flash, and The Aquaman.

Each ring has a unique style fashioned after its namesake. For example. The Superman is made of cobalt chrome with blue and red cerakote inlay. The Bruce Wayne is made of black zirconium with black diamonds. Each ring also has the superhero’s logo engraved inside the band.

If one of these rings is something that you’d like to put on your finger, then you’ll need to save up because prices are from $595 to $2395 for The Batman ring. Fly over to Manly Bands for more info.

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