This 1000 lumen EDC flashlight has an interesting design

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NEWS – Most of the flashlights that we review here on The Gadgeteer have the same basic cylinder form factor with a push-button power switch. The Streamlight 88810 Wedge bucks that trend to offer a slim EDC flashlight that has a rectangular shape. That means that it won’t roll away right from you when you’re reaching for it. The Streamlight also features durable aluminum construction, an IPX7 waterproof rating, and a perfectly placed rotating switch that lets you use 300 lumens in constant-on mode or 1000 lumens momentary mode. It even charges with USB-C. Want one? Head over to Amazon where you can buy it in either black or green for $84.50.

20 thoughts on “This 1000 lumen EDC flashlight has an interesting design”

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    1. Agreed! Looks like a great light…until I read the price. WAY overpriced for that, regardless of form factor. I could buy a 1000l Olight and sand a couple edges flat and still be at half that cost. What were they thinking?

        1. Neither do olights. The one story that got that started was a man who was holding his light in his mouth and somehow managed to contact his car battery positive post and something else to complete the circuit. I’m sure that most any flashlight would blow up under those foolish/unfortunate circumstances.

  2. I love mine. The only complaint I have heard is there’s to cover or plug for the usbC port I bought a 20 pack of silicone plugs and don’t worry about debris getting in there. A 2.00 investment. And it’s with me constantly. I have numerous other expensive flashlights that I use daily but the wedge is on me all the time. They say it will ramp down on high after a short period by mine has yet to ramp down in high mode.

  3. I’m calling the author out on starting this page in 1997. At that time the only places that had internet in the world was roughly 22% of businesses. And the few people that had dialed up had AOL and that did not include web storage space which would have been about 5 MB. I know I was installing networks and businesses back then and companies were fighting to keep broadband out of homes.

        1. I’ve carried this light everyday for the better part of a year. Never had it fail and never even got to a low charge light.
          It’s scuffed up a little now but I work with my hands.
          I charge it every couple of weeks. Seriously, the only issue I have with it is now that everyone knows I have this awesome little flashlight they ask to use it all the time.

    1. Richard, I had internet in 1997. Lots of dial up providers came with free web space. I think I switched from AOL to get better web hosting. Back then, most of us “nerds” used frontpage to build our web pages, because it was a free hidden feature of window 98. Every library and school had internet. I’m not sure why you are “calling out” this author, but the “Facts” you are using to do so are demonstrably false.

      1. Brian, funny that you should mention Frontpage! That is exactly what I used when I started The Gadgeteer on GeoCities. It was only there for a few months before I purchased domain and got “real” hosting. This site will be 25 yrs old in August!

        Even the Wayback Machine archive doesn’t go back as far as my site! Here’s a snapshot of The Gadgeteer from December of 1998!

  4. Christopher Schuster

    I have this flashlight, it’s solid well built rugged and durable. As a bonus you’ve got the lifetime warranty through

    It’s currently $78 on the JB tools website, where one is likely to find a few other items to get up to $100 for free shipping and a $10 off coupon.

  5. I’ve owned this light for awhile, and like it’s overall design. But to me, it is missing one small touch, a low-lumen “moonlight” mode.

    I feel this could have been incorporated easily into the switch, such as activating temporarily while pushing the switch forward. This is the one change I would like to see.

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