Pop a squat with Tripster

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NEWS – The Trippy Outdoor Tripster is a travel chair that collapses down for easy storage and has built-in handles that allow for equally easy transport. The Tripster is made of 7-ply wood and only weighs 8 lbs but is strong enough that it can hold up to 1000 lbs. It’s available in 8 colors and is priced at $158 which is pretty spendy for something that you’ll probably throw in the back of your van or SUV, but I won’t judge you if you want one or two of them for your next outdoor adventure. More info at trippyoutdoor.com.

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trippy outdoor tripster 2

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3 thoughts on “Pop a squat with Tripster”

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  2. Love the idea, but will have to wait until they make a taller version for those of us with aging knees and quads. The older you get, the more you realize all seating appears to be made at a height for toddlers to be able to climb onto. Whereas the manufacturers haven’t noticed the large population needing to be able to sit BACK rather than DOWN.

    1. totally agree

      but this type of seat gets pretty unstable when they are made tall

      i made a few for acquaintances
      the only way to make them stable for older or bigger folks was to use twelve inch stock

      you can make your own inexpensively
      just search for “viking chair”

      you can use 3/4″ baltic birch plywood or construction 2X lumber

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