This axe looks awesome but looks can be deceiving

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NEWS – What the heck is going on lately with cool-looking products that turn out to be huge disappointments due to one main reason – their size. I recently shared an interesting slingshot that is too small to actually use and then there was the field desk that’s useful if you are only 2 feet tall. Today I have awesome-looking axe that turns out to be too tiny to even chop down a sapling. It’s the Pocket Axe from Silver Fox Tools which is made of Carbon BS 4659 Tool steel and comes with a hand-stitched leather sheath. This axe does feature a very sharp edge so I suppose it could be used as a knife or veggie chopper. If size truly doesn’t matter to you and you want to add this little guy to your gear collection, then head over to where you can pre-order a Pocket Axe for £55.00.

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4 thoughts on “This axe looks awesome but looks can be deceiving”

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  2. Imagine trying to chop down a tree with a quarter pounder from McDonalds. That’s pretty much what using this thing would be like. IT is quite literally the same weight as a quarter pounder from McD’s at .29 LBs. I’m sure it has a nice sharp edge. But with the exception of being an weird cheese cutter or perhaps a carving tool this axe has no other functionality in the real world

  3. It’s very cute, but yeah that all-metal (and very narrow!) handle would make it incredibly painful to use even if it were large enough to be practical.
    –Someone with way too much experience chopping firewood growing up

  4. It might be useful at that size if the blade were extended the length of the handle, kind of like brass knuckles. At least you could get some power behind it.

    1. Yeah, needs more weight in the head plus a longer handle – like a real axe. Then it would be a nice axe for gnomes.

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