You need this tiny slingshot in your pocket

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bdedc slingshot

NEWS – Size obviously matters when comes to slingshots, but it doesn’t with this wrist rocket because it’s just so stinkin cute. The Pocket Slingshot from Best Damn EDC features an all brass or titanium construction (you choose) and is designed to hold three steel bearings in the handle. When you’re not shooting shot, you can use the Pocket Slingshot’s handle as a pry bar or a flat head screwdriver. Want one for your EDC collection? Take $75 to to order one.

4 thoughts on “You need this tiny slingshot in your pocket”

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  2. As somebody who made and used slingshots all the time as a kid, this one is too small to be of any real use. The handle is just too short to allow a stable grip, and without a stable grip you can’t aim. Also, to be in any way proficient with a slingshot requires hundreds and hundreds of practice shots. Your hand would ache badly after the first 25 shots with this. This is a novelty toy, not a slingshot.

  3. This toy is most definitely *not* a “wrist rocket”… it’s just a toy. A wrist rocket has a perpendicular brace/loop extending backward at the bottom. You put your arm through the hole then grasp the handle. The bracing effect provides excellent stability and much better aim and power. An experienced marksman can be deadly with a good WR. Please do the proper research before posting such shallow articles. Thanks.

  4. OK – its cute and small but relative to other slingshots very expensive and as others have observed, looks difficult to grip. Also – does not look particularly compatible w/ flat bands. If you want an EDC slingshot that can be gripped, can shoot flats or tubes and is modifiable – Simple-Shot’s Scout LT is almost half the price. In the $75 price range, you can get a G-10 slingshot from Pocket Predator. Both companies manufacture their slingshots in the US, and the slingshots are designed by some very accomplished slingshot shooters.

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