This multi-tool will let you chop, slash, saw, and hammer

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teryx omniblade 6

NEWS – The Omniblade from Teryx is a 4-in-1 multi-tool for your outdoor adventures. It is made of hardened steel and has a paracord-wrapped handle on both ends. Grip it one way and you can use it as a saw or machete to slash your way through the underbrush on your next jungle expedition. Then flip it the other way and use it as a hatchet or hammer for campsite tasks. The Omniblade includes a sheath and is priced at $79.99 on Amazon.

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7 thoughts on “This multi-tool will let you chop, slash, saw, and hammer”

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  2. every time i see something like this i get the willies

    i have made some pretty outlandish blades in my time

    the one hard and fast rule i learned was not to give someone too many opportunities to hurt themselves

    why?…because they will

    in this case a kukri/axe is just silly
    a kukri will chop like very few tools, it really doesn’t need an axe grafted to it

    the only bit of design that works for is the second grip, that would allow the tool to be a fair drawknife

    but that’s just my opinion, of which i probably have too many πŸ™‚

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