Movo WebMic HD Pro Webcam review – Virtually look your best in meetings

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REVIEW – If you now work from home or even if you’ve always worked from home, it’s almost a certainty that you’ve attended meetings via Zoom Google Meet or Microsoft Teams video apps. Chances are if you rely on the built-in camera on a laptop, you probably are not happy with how you appear on screen. Why is that? Most laptop cameras for video are 720 dpi—as in low resolution. Think digital photos circa the early 2000s and you get the picture (pun intended). If the image quality you present in meetings is not to your standards, there is an easy fix: the Movo WebMic HD Pro Webcam.

What is it?

The Movo WebMic HD Pro Webcam is a few products combined into one easy-to-use webcam. It contains a condenser microphone, HD web camera, and LED ring light that can produce high-quality imaging for meetings, online teaching, or vlogging. 

The Movo WebMic looks like a microphone from the old radio days. It’s kinda cool-looking with its stand/handgrip making it easy to carry.  If you don’t want the stand, a mount is included for placing on the top edge of a monitor. 


The lens is 1080p HD. This captures hi-res video which provides details that are noticeable to both you and the people watching on screen. You simply can’t get that in 720p resolution. If that doesn’t improve your looks, the WebMic is also equipped with an LED ring light that will reduce or eliminate weird shadows providing even lighting for your face. This light has three settings: Low, medium, and high. The condenser cardioid mic has directional pickup with background noise rejection which helps clarify vocals.


  • 1080p camera
  • Cardioid microphone with a directional pickup
  • LED ring light
  • Stand and mount included
  • Power cord
  • USB-C to USB A cord

Design and features

Let’s face it (get it?), you want to look your best during work meetings. If you’re visually challenged as I am, I can only do so much to improve my image and the Movo WebMic HD Pro Webcam can help make me look better. 

Setting up the WebMic couldn’t be any easier. With my MacBook Pro, all I had to do is connect the WebMic to the MacBook pro. That’s it—all power comes through the USB cable. My company prefers Zoom for meetings over Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. When the WebMic was connected, Zoom instantly recognized the connection and I could choose it for both audio and video.

The WebMic can be used on the stand or sitting on the monitor using the included adjustable mount. When attached to the stand, the camera will not tilt and is only adjustable up and down. 

The included mount will only attach to a monitor top edge. It is not adjustable for side mounting. My work monitor is a rounded-back graphics monitor that I can draw on, so it’s quite a bit thicker than a laptop screen. This makes for an awkward and less stable attachment using the mount. It’s not easy adjusting the angle or lighting without causing the cam to come loose. It’s something to consider depending on your monitor setup.

The camera is wide-angle, meaning you can see more background around me than the awful low-res MacBook Pro camera. This helps me want to keep my home office cleaner than It might be otherwise.

My home office has plenty of outdoor lighting coming in, so I don’t need the LED ring light. However, it can help for early and late meetings when it’s not that bright outside. Plus the camera captures enough lighting on its own without the help of the ring light. So it’s a win-win.

The lighting brightness can be adjusted by pressing a button at the rear of the WebMic. There is also a button for taking a snapshot of the image. I don’t know 

Note that the ring light can reflect two circles of light on those who wear glasses.

Mic quality is good for Zoom meetings. My co-workers had no trouble understanding me and I sounded a bit closer and clearer than with the laptop’s tiny mic. Included is mic gain control which allows the mic’s audio tone/volume to be adjusted to your liking. There are no decibel numbers on the knob, so the setting is hit or miss until you are satisfied. Pressing the gain switch will mute/unmute the mic. However, it’s easier to mute/unmute using the meeting software because pressing the knob bumps the camera which will jar the image.

The WebMic has a 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio privacy However, I prefer listening with my stereo desktop speakers. 

What I like

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good picture quality
  • Ring light eliminates weird shadows and smooths out facial features 
  • Ring light works as advertised 

What I’d change

  • Ring light can leave reflections on glasses.
  • Mount cannot be attached sideways (to a vertical edge)  

Final Thoughts

The Movo WebMic HD Pro Webcam is indispensable if your laptop or iPad doesn’t come with a 1080p camera. Plus, it can be placed off-center or higher than the laptop camera for a more direct line-of-sight view. While the video quality is not 4k, the WebMic HD Pro is perfect for online work meetings or video get-togethers when you want to look your best.    

Price: $199.99 US.
Where to buy: Movo
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Movo.

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