Hammerest Mini Precision Electric Screwdriver Set review

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REVIEW – If you are the type of person who considers themselves a DIYer or just likes to have useful tools available for those times when they are needed, you will like this review of the Hammerest Mini Precision Electric Screwdriver Set. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The Hammerest Mini Precision Electric Screwdriver Set is a small pen-sized rechargeable screwdriver that includes 60 different bits.

What’s in the box?

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  • Hammerest Mini Precision Electric Screwdriver Set
  • 55 bits
  • Extension rod
  • Demagnetizer
  • Magnetic work mat
  • USB charging cable

Hardware specs

Speed: 150+ RPM
Power Supply: 3.7V 260mAh Lithium Battery(Built-in)
Electric/Manual Torque: 0.25~0.35/3Nm
Charging Port: Micro USB
Charging Time: 30-40 min

Design and features

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One of the best features of the Hammerest Mini Precision Electric Screwdriver Set is that everything is stored in a really nice plastic storage case.

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Each side of the case has a magnetic cover that protects the individual snap-in slots that hold the bits.

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The edge of the storage box holds the screwdriver in a clear plastic tube.

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The tube slides out of the slot when you need to use the screwdriver.

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The Hammerest mini electric screwdriver has a long rocker button on the handle that toggles between forward and reverse rotation depending on what you’re trying to do.

There is also a row of status LEDs at the back that let you know how much battery life the screwdriver has.

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The bits fit easily into the end of the handle and are held there with a magnet.

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On the opposite end is a micro USB connector for charging.

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The LEDs light up in blue (looks white here, but they are blue, trust me) while the screwdriver is charging.

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When the screwdriver is in use, LEDs near the tip light up which is useful if you’re working in a dark environment.

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The Hammerest mini electric screwdriver includes a really nice selection of bits that range from very small flathead screwdrivers and Phillips screwdriver tips to T1, T2, T3, and T4 bits.

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The bits insert easily into the end of the handle and are just as easy to remove.

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There’s even an extension rod that can help you in hard to reach spaces.

It has a lot of power (torq) for such a small tool. Sometimes I feel like it has too much power and I wish there was a way to customize the speed because the handle is very smooth and if you don’t have a good grip, it can start spinning in your hand.

As for battery life, I’ve been using this tool off and on for a couple of weeks and it’s still on its first charge. That said, the battery life is totally dependant on how often it is used, how long it’s used, and the torque it uses each time. Luckily recharge time is quick.

See it in action

What I like

  • Full set with storage case
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable

What I’d change

  • The handle needs to be more grippy to prevent spinning
  • Include special bits for iPhone and MacBook screws

Final thoughts

The Hammerest mini electric screwdriver set impressed me with the design of the case, the included bits, and the power of the pen-sized tool. I think this set is a great solution for DIYers and hobbyists who need a tool set to repair small electronics around the home and workshop.

Price: $74.99
Where to buy: Hammerest
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Hammerest.

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  2. I own a WowStick which is a virtually identical product. Just a note about the lack of texture on the stick itself. This is probably a design choice, these are designed for small electronics with minimal torque needed. The small motors and gearing are not capible of operating in high torque situations. You will immidiatly strip the gearing if you try. Use a traditional non-powered driver if you find a rare screw to hard to remove. The smooth design helps prevent people from destroying the driver using it beyond it’s design specs. As for it spinning I havn’t had that problem, It might be how I hold my thumb against the rocker, or I have more loose screws than you do. (shush)

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