PantryChic stores your dry goods and perfectly measures them when it’s time to bake

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NEWS – I enjoy making my own bread so I know what ingredients are in it. But one thing I don’t like is having a bunch of half empty bags of flour, sugar, etc shoved willy nilly in the top shelf of my cabinet. First world problem? You betcha. Is there a better way? That’s where PantryChic comes in. This smart ingredient storage system not only keeps your dry goods dry and fresh in specially designed canisters, and then when it comes time to use them, it will dispense the correct amount needed into your mixing bowl right from the storage container and there’s a scale in the base of the unit for other ingredients. The price for this convenience is the gotcha though. The system and 3 storage containers will set you back $349.95 and additional storage containers start at $39.95. Interested? Head over to and Amazon.

4 thoughts on “PantryChic stores your dry goods and perfectly measures them when it’s time to bake”

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  2. This looks like a really cool product! There are some design decisions that would have made it so much better. It should have a touch screen instead of a dial/buttons for interaction. That would make cycling through menu options much faster/easier. Plus, it seems easier to wipe clean a flat screen instead of physically moving buttons with cracks and crevices that can get full of cookie batter. 🙂 It should also have option voice control (Alexa, Google, whatever) much like other smart-kitchen devices. “Alexa, dispense 1 cup of flour” is much easier than requiring 5 button presses to do the same thing.

    That said, I’d love to read an actual review if you can get your hands on one!

      1. Maybe that’s a sign they know better than to have a reviewer point out the flaws? Although there are some very positive Amazon reviews. Who knows…

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