Amazon’s connected soap dispenser – why?

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NEWS – Prompting the question, “Why?”, Amazon recently introduced a connected soap dispenser.

Don’t get me wrong – I love internet-connected things.  My whole house is automated.  I even tried an Alexa-enabled device for the shower, but that crashed, quite literally. But not everything needs to be connected.

Amazon is back at it with their new connected touch-free soap dispenser.  Overall, it looks like a decent soap dispenser, much like the Simplehuman rechargeable liquid soap dispenser Julie reviewed this last June.

It offers some nice features, like a three-month rechargeable battery.

The top displays lights that help you time the 20-second recommended washing time.

It can be set to deliver a variable amount of soap so you get the amount you like to wash with.

The part I find confusing is that you can connect it with your existing Echo device.

I guess that if you have a difficult hand-washer in your house, keeping them engaged, or perhaps distracted, might help.  But it begs the question, “What’s next?”  A connected toilet paper holder that makes fart jokes when it detects pressure on the connected toilet seat?  A paired smoke detector and stove that critiques your cooking?

If you already have an Echo device near your sink and the idea of having music or jokes play automatically while you wash your hands intrigues you, pop on over to Amazon and have at least $54.99 on your gift card balance or credit card ready to go. I’ll stick to mentally humming “Happy Birthday”.

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