This tool turns one log into an outdoor grill or firepit

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NEWS – Made in Canada of heavy duty eighth-inch thick laser-cut stainless steel, this tool will turn a log into an outdoor firepit or grill in minutes. The Sportes MITI-001 log grill aka Canadian candle requires that you split a log into quarters with an ax and then set the MITI-001 on top to form the grill surface. This unique setup allows the fire to burn the logs from the inside out (see video below). Want one for your next outdoor adventure? Head over to or where they are about $68 US.

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3 thoughts on “This tool turns one log into an outdoor grill or firepit”

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  2. very clever

    i was fishing in the rockies
    at a camp next to the creek a fellow had wired his split firewood with baling wire…stood that on end…stuffed the center with newspaper…put an old grill grate on the top…then lit it up

    this however is much prettier

  3. I shuddered watching that demo burning it NOT in any sort of pit or even cleared dirt circle, with all the dead pine needles etc. around!

    1. I agree! Been a while since I was involved in Scouting, but even I remember that when setting up a camp fire!

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