The most expensive EDC pen you won’t be able to get out of your head

mecarmy tpx10 3

NEWS – Just look at those EDC pens. It’s the TPX10 from MecArmy and it’s insanely cool for 5 reasons. First of all, it’s a mini bolt-action pen so yeah. Secondly, it’s available in 4 finishes including the titanium bronze (above on the left) and the wickedly cool Zirconium (on the right), titanium (below), and the absurdly over the top Geek-Ti (below on the right). Thirdly, there’s a spinner on the top for all the fidget fun you can possibly want. Fourthly, you can kick things up a notch with glow bars in the spinner because why the heck not?! and Fifthly, no one in your circle of EDC buds is going to have an EDC pen that comes with a $985 price tag if you opt for the Geek-Ti version or $129.90 if you’re a wimp and go with the plain old Titanium version. Wanna be crazy? Head over to and check them out. Oh, you can save $100 on the Geek-Ti by going to Amazom.

mecarmy tpx10 2

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3 thoughts on “The most expensive EDC pen you won’t be able to get out of your head”

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    1. Looking at it, I can guess why. It’s too short to use normally, and it’s thicker than average which means you’re likely to hold it further back to avoid the taper to the point – leaving it effectively even shorter. That fidget-spinner end is going to hinder stabilizing it in your hand as well, since with it’s short length that’s what’s going to be on your hand. So holding it securely to write is going to be very hard.

      If you put it on a keychain or similar that will also get in the way, especially since it comes out the side instead of being on the end.

      Add to all that, with the short length it’ll need custom refills – which means likely the actual ballpoint mechanism is only average at best.

      For 10% the cost, it’d be a fun little gadget to show off. At $130-$1000 dollars, it has to actually perform – and it’s got multiple problems for actual use.

  2. If you want to carry a pen in your pocket, it’s hard to beat the Fisher Bullet Space Pen. It’s thinner, smoother, and has the worlds best ink cartridge that even writes under water and in space. It’s also far less expensive but definitely not as cool looking.

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