From the Goofy Indiegogo files: The Airodome

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – For those that want to look like a cross between Robbie the Robot and a beekeeper comes the Airodome.

This is a helmet that sucks air in through a beanbag-like filter on top of your head and promises a wide array of things that aren’t possible if you wear the technology of the ancients (a mask).  For instance:  “facial recognition.”   In this case (and only this case), it means you can recognize the person wearing the device because you can see their face. It also “lets you recline and relax” according to their Indiegogo page.  Try that with your old-fashioned mask!

I guess they are confident that these innovations are plenty, because it features “the filtration efficiency of a mask.”  So although you are wearing a weird clear plastic bucket on your head, you are no safer in any way.

$79 Early bird pledges are still available at IndieGoGo.

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9 thoughts on “From the Goofy Indiegogo files: The Airodome”

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  2. Well, maybe cell phone facial recognition would work with this (if the IR system was able to see through the shield.


      I’m all for not dying, believe me. I’m a life superfan. But this thing is no better than a mask at protecting you from viruses. I mean, yeah, I suppose it is good to see people’s faces, especially for the hearing impaired, but I would think they could beef up the filtration while they were at the drawing board. But no.

  3. Note that you have to attach it to a power supply as well. We have a colleague at work who is deaf, and he wears a clear face shield. We stay socially distant and continually deep clean, but it’s nice to see his full face, and helps us better understand when we’re signing with him.

    1. Theresa Villeneuve

      Yeah, the ONLY advantage would be for the hard of hearing. I can’t believe they didn’t even build in a battery, although I guess that would add weight. A lot of my wacky work clothes don’t have pockets though so I don’t really know how I would handle that. Then again, I’d never wear that thing. I’d sooner go to work like one of my colleagues in a respirator.

    1. Theresa Villeneuve

      Well, I think most people would say that airbags are pretty innocuous and offer an improvement in protection. This is neither of those. It’s weird looking and doesn’t filter any better than a normal mask.

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