No, it’s not a mini parachute. It’s a wearable umbrella-ella-ella

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NEWS – The Canope is a hands-free umbrella that looks a little goofy for regular day-to-day use. But if you look at the image below, it looks handy for people who bike, people who have jobs that require that they stand out in the weather all day, dog walkers, hikers, etc. The Canope features a backpack-style wearable design with a large nylon umbrella top that goes over your head and shoulders to protect you from rain, snow, and even the sun because the nylon top provides 40 SPF.

The one-size fits all Canope weighs in at 3lbs and is 26 inches wide so it’s narrow enough to fit through standard door frames. Want one? Head over to where you can buy one for $79.99

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12 thoughts on “No, it’s not a mini parachute. It’s a wearable umbrella-ella-ella”

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  2. a good gust of wind and the guy on the bike on the road is in front of a truck or in the scenery.
    For those who like to play with their life.

  3. Does this umbrella make my butt look big?

    Al the joking aside, this could be useful although awkward. It’s things like this that keep me coming back to this site after 20+ years.

  4. I checked the web site – it needs to fold in half at 26 inches wide. That’s probably on the horizon as an upgrade.

  5. All I can do is picture the guy on the bike in the twister scene of the Wizard of OZ. I see him peddling in the window and the background music going da daaa da daa da da, da daa da daa da da.

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