Avoid the dirt and bugs with this indoor tent from Japan

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NEWS – Can you believe that I’ve never been camping? Well, there was that one time when I was about 7 or 8, and my neighbors put up a tent between our yards and invited me and my sister to a sleepover. My sister was 5 or so at the time and the campout lasted all of 15 minutes before she wanted to go home. That was the extent of my camping adventures.

I’ve often thought it might be fun to go camping because there are so many camping gadgets that I could use! But then I thought about the bugs, the dirt, no showers, and… well, I’ve still never been camping.

That’s why the House Naka Secret Base Tent (who named this? A 10yr old boy?) from Japan caught my eye. It’s an indoor tent (who knew?) designed to be used… you guessed it, indoors! It features a rectangular self-supporting frame and a canvas and mesh cover.

Want one? Then you better get ready for a trip because it’s only available in Japan from thanko.jp for ¥6,980 (US $65.24).

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6 thoughts on “Avoid the dirt and bugs with this indoor tent from Japan”

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  2. our boys camped inside and out…same popup tent

    i’ve long considered food packaged in cling wrap and styrofoam to be one of mankind’s greatest achievements…flush toilets the apotheosis of civilization

    that said i’ve camped with snakes in my bedroll, skunks and raccoons rummaging through my cooler, ticks and chiggers giving me the heebie-jeebies for days, survived a flood and two tornados

    so my advice….buy a tent and set it up in your house, then your yard and maybe even a park

    the worst that could happen is you would be trampled by rampaging gnus, eaten by bears or maybe acquire giardia, poison ivy or dengue fever 🙂

    actually the worst thing is you might not have fun

      1. You must have sweet blood. My buddies like backpacking just after mosquito season. I only go with them every so often.

        1. Even gnats bite me like crazy. When we go to Sanibel Island, FL., I won’t go out on the beach after 5pm or so because I’ll get eaten to pieces by the noseeums. Even by not going out that late, I still end up with a dozen or so bites that make me look like I have chickenpox or something. And booooooy do they itch! I always take tea tree oil with me to treat them 😉

        2. If you’re indoors with the rectangular indoor tent, isn’t that redundant? There shouldn’t be anything bothersome inside a house to begin with. So, what purpose does it serve?

  3. our neighbor follows nascar (in person), rides harleys and transports his kid’s dirt bike in a gigantic toy hauler

    it isn’t exactly camping but he started in tents like we did

    anyway…we talked about camping and those who won’t,
    his wife is one…hence his wheeled warehouse

    then i thought i should show you the latest (last?) step in our family’s evolution/devolution of campers…it is an earlier iteration of this https://coachmenrv.com/class-b-motorhomes/beyond

    relatively good mileage, comfy and parks about anywhere

    no bugs, either

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