SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun Review

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REVIEWA newly emerging market has joined the self-care club in the form of Personal Massage Guns. Whether you are afflicted with tension headaches or you have an incredibly active fitness life, these tools have a claim to muscle relief. As a sufferer of the former with “work from home” becoming the norm, I was really excited to get to test SKG F5 mini massage gun.

What is it?

The SKG F5 mini massage gun is a handheld, three-level personal massage gun used to break up tension in connective tissue surrounding your muscles, bones, nerves, and organs through percussive therapy. This massage gun also features three levels of heat therapy and multiple heads for different muscle groups.

What’s in the box?

1x SKG Fascia Gun

1x USB-C Charging cable

1x Protective storage bag

3x Massager heads (1x Flat Head for Back Muscle Groups, 1x strength 1 foam ball for soft muscle groups, 1x strength 8 foam ball for harder muscle groups)

1x Manual

Hardware specs

Name: SKG F5 mini massage gun
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
Battery life: 3 hours
Range of operating voltage: 6V-8.4V
Rated input power: 9 W
Rated battery voltage: 7.4 V
Rated input voltage: 5 V
Max. power: 48 W
Charging method: Type-C
Charging time: 3~5 hours
Weight of product body: 300 g
Product size: L99*H157*W47 mm

Carried standards: GB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.10-2008

Design and features

Handheld and light weight, this massager is easy to hold, and in my opinion, has a great futuristic appearance. I may or may not have nicknamed it the “phaser”.

This mini massager has a unique heating feature on the bottom of the gun that I found completely by accident. But I can attest that it warms up quickly and is a total game-changer when it comes to cold New England mornings.

For all the percussive movements this massage gun offers it is pretty quiet. Could it go undetected in a library? No, not to mention you would probably get a few raised eyebrows. But it could be talked over without having to raise your voice or strain.

This mini massager also offers different attachments to meet the needs of specific muscle groups or soft tissue areas as well as high, medium, and low levels of power. There is a light strip located at the top of the machine that indicates power level which is helpful for the user to know at a glace while using it. This light strip will also flash red when the massage gun is running on a low battery. Once fully charged it will glow green.

Installation and setup

SKG’s mini massager comes with a USB-C charging cable and three different heads to fit the needs of the user which can simply be pushed on the unit and pulled off to change.

What I like

  • It’s incredibly user friendly
  • Perfect size for handheld use
  • Reasonable amount of changeable options
  • Adjustable power levels
  • Heating levels
  • Lighting band to indicate level as well as battery charge

What I’d change

  • The location of the heating element
  • Include the wall plug for people who aren’t going to have USB wall plugs lying around

Final thoughts

When I first received this mini massager, I wasn’t sure this was an item that was going to impress let alone be something I reached for often. I’m not too proud to be wrong.  I use it at the end of the day after hours of screen time that leaves my neck sore; my partner who, unfortunately, has chronic back pain reaches for it first thing in the morning and I’ll even hold on to it on chilly days for the warming function.

Price: $136.00
Where to buy: Amazon (Save $47.50 with coupon code SKGF520OFF (Active until 28th Februar2021))
Source: The sample for this review was provided by SKG.

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