Gadgeteer team’s work from home (WFH) setups – Bill Henderson

Henderso WFH 1

ARTICLE – For years, employees at our office have been asking to work from home—to deaf ears. Covid changed all that. If anything good can come from this god-awful pandemic, it’s that we discovered that working from home is not only doable, but preferable. So much so, that my employer is now selling the building.

Henderso WFH 2

Over the past year, I have steadily upgraded my backyard studio building to make room for the company-owned 16” MacBook Pro laptop and Samsung monitor. I’ve supplemented that with the XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet, X-Chair, UPLIFT desk, and various audio speakers and headphones. 

I’m not done, but my home office is now better equipped than my “real” office ever was!

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