Use this projector to create washi tape art on your walls

grafitape 1

NEWS – If you’re a stationary, bullet journal, or planner nerd, you will know what washi tape is. If you don’t, washi tapes are rolls of decorative low tack tapes that easily stick and restick to paper and now walls. The GrafiTape from Animi Causa is a small wooden projector that will project you or your child’s line drawings on your walls, windows, doors, etc. Then you can use washi tapes to tape over the lines to create art. It’s a super easy way for kids (or you) to be creative without a lot of mess or hassle. And when you’re bored with the design, just create a new one! GrafiTape is currently $49.99 from Animi Causa. Go check it out.

grafitape 2

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