Bird Buddy is a bird feeder with incredible super powers

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – When my sister and I were kids, we would keep detailed notes on the birds that we would see from our bedroom windows. As an adult, I still enjoy watching and identify birds and this bird feeder is an awesome and fun tool for bird watchers.

What is it?

Bird Buddy is a traditional bird feeder that you fill with bird food, but this feeder has a built-in 5 megapixel WiFi camera that is powered by an app on your phone.

Why do I like it?

Besides being able to take close up pictures and videos of birds at the feeder, the Bird Buddy can actually identify the birds and send notifications to your phone. Using artificial intelligence, it can identify over 1000 different birds. And if it can’t “see” the bird, it can identify nearby birds by their song. How cool is that? All I can say is that I want one!

Where can I find more info?

The Bird Buddy campaign ends on 1/14/21 and they have surpassed their funding goal of $61,460 by well over 3.5 million dollars! You can pre-order a Bird Buddy starting at $171. After the Bird Buddy campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in September 2021. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

9 thoughts on “Bird Buddy is a bird feeder with incredible super powers”

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    1. We used to have birdfeeders until the raccoons found out. The little #@%!’s even drink the syrup out of the hummingbird feeders. That said, I think you can put this feeder on a pole. Not sure they can shimmy up a pole to steal food.

      1. The local squirrels have no problem with poles. You can put a squirrel baffle on as well – but you need to have the feeder at least 8 feet away from anything they could jump from for that to make any real difference, or they’ll just use the top of the baffle as a landing platform.

      2. ours can, especially the pups

        the adults have bent smaller diameter poles

        opossums and squirrels can shinny up anything without a baffle

        the neighbors tell us about raccoons jumping from their fence to one of our pole mounted feeders…the collision results in 2 or 3 pounds of sunflower seeds on the sidewalk

      3. Julie, Not One Bird Buddy has been shipped… No Reviews except from Staff…
        Slovenian Company that opened a Us Delaware Copmany with a UPS Store Address that’s in a strip center by a Wine store…???
        Scam Alert To Say The Least!!!
        Please update this so Others don’t follow your No Product In Hand Review!!

  2. Day 1
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    identifying ~ Starling
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    identifying ~ Grey Squirrel
    Food’s all gone…

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