Ludela Gen 2 Candle Review – A candle that is remote controlled

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REVIEW – We are starting to get into the holiday season and for me, that is when I am most likely to have candles lit around the house.  I am not a big person for scented candles.  I find most of the scents overwhelming and intrusive.  I do love the soft glow from a real candle and do not like the ‘fake’ candles you are seeing around that have a waving type of fabric or plastic flame.  I also like to place candles in arrangements for Christmas and having candle wax drip all over everything can be a mess.  When the opportunity to review the Ludela candle I jumped at it.  This sounds like the candle I have been dreaming of!

What is it?

The Ludela Gen2 Candle is the second generation of a candle that uses a fuel cartridge system to create a flame.  It is lit and extinguished by remote control.  It has built-in safety features that will extinguish the candle if the top is touched, or if the candle is tipped over.  The exterior of the candle is real wax and the cartridges are rated for 50 plus hours.  The base of the candle contains the igniter and blower. It has a USB-C rechargeable base that will last up to three months.

What’s in the box?

I received two candles.  Each candle came in its own box pictured below.  The box contained the following items.

  • Two recyclable candle cartridges.  Each is rated for 50 plus hours.
  • One Ludela candle – this is a wax candle and is wrapped in a protective hard plastic film.
  • One operation flyer
  • One instruction manual
  • One USB-C cable
  • One remote control

Hardware specs

  • It will always burn like a real flame and will never burn down like a real candle.
  • The exterior of the candle will always look new – except of course if you drop it!
  • Wireless light and extinguish via remote control.
  • Tilt extinguish feature.  If the candle is tilted or falls, it will automatically extinguish.
  • Timer extinguish.  You must pick a number of hours you want the candle to burn.  That way if you forget about it or fall asleep, it will go out automatically.
  • Safety extinguish. If fingers touch the top of the candle it will go out.
  • The battery will work for three-months on a single charge.
  • Each candle cartridge is fully recyclable and holds 50 plus hours of fuel, and the candle comes with two of them.

Design and features

The Ludela candle is very easy to operate.  You can only light the candle via the remote control.  To light the candle you first press the number 1,2,4, or 8 to indicate the number of hours you wish the candle to burn, then press and hold the ‘On’ button.  You can see the igniter sparking.  Once the candle is lit, you let go of the ‘On’ button.  If you wish to extinguish the candle early, you simply press the ‘Off’ button and you will hear a blower kick in and blow out the flame.

Below is a picture of the lit candle.

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I took a video of the candle lighting and have it below.  I pressed the number 1 on the remote and then pressed the ‘On’ button.  You can see the ignitor flare twice and then the candle lit.   I let the flame sit a bit, and then pressed the off button to blow out the candle.

The following video shows how the candle will respond to a tip over.  Once the candle reaches a certain point, you will hear multiple beeps, the blower comes on, and the candle will go out.


Setup was pretty simple.  First I removed the plastic around the base of the candle.  I then turned the candle upsidedown and plugged in the USB-C cable to charge the base.  The above picture is showing you the bottom of the candle.  You can see the igniter in the middle of the top of the candle, and the USB-C port is about a third of the way down the candle.  There is a button next to the USB-C port.  This button is pressed by the cartridge when you insert it into the candle.

When you first charge the candle it will glow red to show it is charging.

When charging is complete, it will glow green as shown above.

The picture above is showing the fuel cartridge.  It has a protective red cap covering the wick.

This is a picture of the cartridge with the protective cap off.  You can now see the wick exposed.   To insert the cartridge you simply push it in from the bottom of the candle and turn the cartridge clockwise.  You will hear a single beep when it is inserted properly.  When removing the cartridge, you twist it counter-clockwise and you will hear two beeps along with the sound of the fan coming on.


The Ludela worked exactly like it was designed to.  I never had to hold the remote ‘On’ button for more than three seconds to get the candle to light.  When you have multiple candles, all of them can be controlled by a single remote.  The candle will beep three times when the battery is low on the candle and the base needs a recharge.  I found that the candle did auto extinguish at the times I told it to.  I loved that if I forgot and fell asleep when I woke up, the candle was always out.  The cartridge refills are only $10 which is a lot cheaper than many candles of the same size.

What I like

  • The candle always looks great and never burns down.
  • The cartridge is recyclable, lasts 50+ hours and only costs $10.  You also get two with the initial candle.
  • Lights with a remote control and has auto shutoff and safety features.
  • No stinky scents and is a real lighted wick.
  • Base is rechargeable and lasts up to three months.

What needs to be improved

  • Possibly bring down the initial price of the candle and have more color options available.  I know they state they will have some, but none are available on their site.

Final thoughts

I highly recommend the Ludela candle if you are looking for one that never burns down and is clean burning and safe.  If you want one I suggest heading over to their website and reserving one.  They do seem to sell out fast.

Price: $99 for 1,  $89 for 2 to 4, $79 for 5 to 9, and $69 for 10 or more
Where to buyLudela
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Ludela

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