Solve a first world problem with Burrito Pop

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Imagine this horror scenario – you’re out and about and spot a trendy food truck.  They offer tasty burritos, but…how will you keep it warm on the way back to the office?  Even more importantly, how will you eat it without dropping any of that burrito goodness on your clothes, desk, car, the ground – wherever you opt to chow down?  The horror!

Lucky for you, there is an answer!  Burrito Pop!

burritopop pop 4

Burrito Pop is a Kickstarter campaign designed to end the inconvenience of handling your burrito.  Burrito Pop is a burrito storage tube.  It can hold your burrito as you warm it in the microwave.  It’s dishwasher safe so cleaning it is a no-brainer.  So what, you say?  A piece of PVC pipe can do that! Well, that’s not all Burrito Pop can do!

Losing nothing to Otis, Burrito Pop is a player in the elevator industry – specifically, Burrito Pop has a patented burrito elevator!

burritopop pop 2

Twisting the bottom of Burrito Pop slowly raises your burrito, so you can eat it all the way to the end without getting salsa-messy!

burritopop pop 3

The terror of dining on your favorite burrito, only to fumble it, is no more.  Yea Burrito Pop!

Rewards start at $33 and they expect to deliver before the 2020 holiday season. They have more than tripled their $10,000 funding goal.  If you want one, you need to act fast as the project wraps up Friday, October 23, 2020 at 8:05 AM EDT. For more information and to get one to end your burrito nightmares, visit their campaign on Kickstarter.

7 thoughts on “Solve a first world problem with Burrito Pop”

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  2. I kind of want to goto a public area, sit-down and start preening like I’m about to put on some lipstick. Then slowly “eject”/”raise” my burrito and start chomping without breaking eye contact with the people around me.

  3. Robert van Weersch

    So this product is microwave safe. But burritos normally come wrapped in tin/aluminium foil. That’s a nice premise for an electromagnetic crackle show…

    1. Robert:
      If you read their Kickstarter campaign, right below the GIF showing it in a microwave, they say:
      *but don’t forget to remove the foil 🔥

      So – safety first! 🙂

      1. Robert van Weersch

        Well, I don’t know about you, but I think it is quite hard to remove the foil without compromising the “structural integrity” of the burrito. And when you somehow manage to cram it in the container without falling apart, I suspect the filling will spill out of the bottom once you start to eat. So you’d first have to wrap it in foil again, before eating. Sounds quite cumbersome and for me, it greatly reduces the possible advantages this container might offer.

        But hey, just my opinion. I’ll just eat my burritos right after preparing 🙂

        1. This is really aimed at the highly-mobile, burrito-toting, burrito-storing population, not the eat-it-now, I’m-here-and-so-it-the-burrito population, so you’re good. 🙂

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