X-Chair will spoil you with heat AND a massage — all from a work chair!

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NEWS – If you are interested in an X-Chair with DVL (Dynamic Variable Lumbar) support, get ready for a few more letters to think about: X-HMT. X-HMT is what X-Chair calls their new heat and massage chair. 

This chair is the first office chair with both heat and massage technology targeted at the body’s core. Users can enjoy several health benefits such as increased blood flow, reduced stress, heightened productivity, and boosted energy.

Along with fast-warming low back heating capabilities, the X-HMT chair comes with four massage program combinations featuring constant or variable massage cycles with two levels of intensity. The chair is able to be run on battery power or while plugged into a laptop or wall outlet.

“The X-Chair team feels enormous pride being able to provide a quality product that can truly make a difference in people’s day-to-day life,” said Tony Mazlish, X-Chair Founder and CEO, “whether working from home, at the office or just watching TV, the X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair is built to satisfy the needs of the end user – a riff in the office chair industry, as traditionally, work chairs have been designed to meet the needs of companies, as opposed to consumers.”

Like X-chair’s other models, the X-HMT Heat and Massage Chair is offered in many models with multiple color combinations. These include the X2 with K-Sport advanced performance material; X3 with advanced tensile recovery (ATR) fabric (water, spill, and stain resistant), and the X4 Executive featuring supple premium leather or Brisa fabric.

In addition to the new heat and massage capabilities, the X-HMT chair boasts X-Chair’s ergonomic features including 10 separate ergonomic adjustments, dynamic variable lumbar support, SciFloat infinite recline, and flex mesh technology.

There’s also good news for previous owners of X-Chairs: The X-HMT is available for purchase separately. It will fit your current X-Chair X2, X3 or X4.

The X-Chair X-HMT chair can be pre-ordered for shipment around Nov. 14. Visit X-Chair for more information.

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3 thoughts on “X-Chair will spoil you with heat AND a massage — all from a work chair!”

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  2. Am I the only one who finds it weird that neither here nor on theyr homepage is a picture of the front of the chair (without someone sitting in it)?

    How is this chair powered? To me it sounds like the chair would need a power cable and that is a tricky thing with a chair on weels.

    1. I have one. No doubt about it, you have to be a bit careful. I don’t always have the massage on, so I only attach the plug to the port on the back when I want to use it. Ah, but when I do, what a wonderful experience. I had to wait for delivery because of the massage, but it was worth it. I have a backache that comes and goes and it really helps. After a half hour or so, my back felt great. Warm, but not too warm. Vibrating, but not too much. It’s not cheap, but I heartily recommend it.
      Dr. Dave Chambers

      1. Thanks, how much power does it draw?

        I had back problems all my live until I found out that sleeping on the belly and curved chair back rests where the problem. So I trained myself just to lie on the back or side and got rid of the chair. Atm I find it hard to find a chair with back rests that are not curved.

        Now I feel better with 50+ than I did with 35.

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