GooDee YG620 LED video projector review

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REVIEW – I’m relatively new to the world of projectors. Having previously reviewed a higher-end projector, I thought it would be excellent to review what I consider a mid-priced projector. Bring on the GooDee YG620!

What is it?

The GooDee YG620 is an LED Video Projector with a 7000:1 contrast ratio.

What’s in the box?

  • GooDee YG620 projector
  • Remote
  • Power Cord
  • AV cord
  • HDMI Cord

Hardware specs

  • 1080p, capable of 4K input
  • 7000:1 contrast ratio
  • Projection size: 50 to 300 inches
  • Projection distance: 5.6 to 30.2 feet
  • High-refraction 5-layer glass lens
  • Built-in 5W dual stereo speakers
  • SRS sound system support Dolby
  • Keystone correction
  • Ports: 2 HDMI, 2 USB, VGA, AV, Audio out, and Micro-SD card
  • Remote Control

Design and features

I was first impressed by the packaging. Yes, the packaging. I’ve seen a lot of packing in my time, but never one so useful. The GooDee YG620 came in a very lovely air-filled padded pouch. This pouch is not only very protective but made of fairly tough plastic, so I think it will be reusable for quite some time. If you don’t plan on a permanent setup, this will make it very safe to transport.

The GooDee YG620 comes with a lens cover, which helps keep dust off the lens. The design is stylish yet not overly complicated. The controls and ports are very nicely laid out and easy to access. The large knob is for the keystone correction. I think I prefer the knob over having to go through a menu for this.

On the bottom, there is a button that releases the foot. Although this foot works fine, and the design is excellent, there is no side-to-side adjustment if you need to adjust that you’ll have to place something under one of the rear feet.

The ports on the back are laid out is a single row, making them easy to find if you need to access them in the dark. Although the HDMI ports aren’t labeled 1 and 2, they are arranged left to right.

The controls on the top can be used to navigate the menus, but I still required the remote to show the menu. I found this to be a bit odd, but I prefer to use the remote anyway. The projector has IR receivers on the front and back for ease of use.

The picture was great. I found the focus ring to have a short throw, making it easy to focus. The audio was excellent compared to some other devices I’ve had with built-in speakers. Placed 112″ inches from my screen I was able to get an 88″ diagonal picture. Set further back the picture can reach 300 inches diagonally.

Actual photo taken in the dark.
An edited photo to simulate what the eye saw with the lights on

The multi-media input mode also allows you to play audio, photos, video, and text files from USB or the Micro-SD slot. The photo mode has a slideshow feature that is quite nice. Being able to play video from an SD card is very nice, as you don’t have to connect another device.

Audio support: MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, WAV
Photo support: JPG, BMP, PNG
Video support: 3GP, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPG, VOB, RMVB, RM
Text support: TXT

What I like

  • Simple remote and menus
  • Manual Keystone correction
  • Packaging

What I’d change

  • Leveling control for side-to-side

Final thoughts

The GooDee YG620 is a very nice projector, with multiple input types and a simple menu system that is easy to navigate. The GooDee YG620 is quick to set up and provides a beautiful picture.

Price: $269.99 ($209.99 with coupon code below)
Where to buy: GooDee (save $60 by using the coupon code:gad620) and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by GooDee.

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4 thoughts on “GooDee YG620 LED video projector review”

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  2. Probably my biggest issue with LEDs is their brightness, and in this case it’s not really much cheaper then a standard “hot bulb” projector.

    I don’t see any mention of brightness ratings in this review, but other mentions on the tubes indicate it as much as 6800 Lumens, which isn’t possible with LEDs at this price. I also see mentions of 6000 >LUX< which is more likely and scratchpad math puts that as ~200 Lumens, akin to a mid-90's unit.

    A dark room? Sure, but in anything less then that, it'll never come close to
    the image of even a cheap TV.

    I'm a big fan of projectors, just continually disappointed with the LED units.

    It's also kind of funny when you see the ads for this that show a edge-edge image on a 4:3 screen, yet touting 1080p.


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