Molekule Air Mini+ air purifier review

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Molekule Mini 1

REVIEW – As previously mentioned in my Air Purifier reviews, my kids and I have suffered from severe allergies both when indoors and outdoors for many years. Over the years I have tried several devices with small and limited benefits until a couple of years ago when I got my hands on the Molekule Air air purifier. Since then, I have also had the opportunity to test and review the Molekule Air Mini. Now Molekule has released a new model, the Air Mini+. Let’s see if it works the same as the previous two models.

What is it?

The Molekule Air Mini+ utilizes the same new technology air purification system as the Molekule Air Mini and offers the same experience covering up to 250 sq. ft. In addition, the Air Mini+ includes a particulate matter sensor & Auto Protect mode, designed to detect large particles in the air like dust and dander, and then automatically adjust the device’s fan speed based on that particulate matter it senses. This compliments what the PECO filter already provides the device, ensuring the capture and destruction of the widest range of pollutants in the air. This device is the most intelligent air purifier Molekule has designed, with the company’s powerful PECO technology at the core, and it is app-enabled.

What’s in the box

Molekule Mini 21 x Molekule Mini Air+
1 x User Guide
1 x Filter Replacement Instruction Card

Design and features


  • Ideal for small spaces, up to 250 sq. ft. (studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms, and home offices)
  • Breakthrough PECO technology destroys pollutants
  • Beautifully designed, quiet & energy-efficient
  • Includes a 6-month filter. Automatic filter refills for $99/yr

Room size coverage: Up to 250 square feet (23.22 m²)
Filter cost: 2 PECO-Filters – $99/year
Power consumption: 18-53 W (110/220v)
Noise level: 30-52 dBa
Dimensions: 12” (30.48cm) Height x 8.26” (20.98cm) Diameter
Weight: 7.3 lbs. (3.3kg)
Warranty: 2-year Limited Warranty

The Molekule Air Mini+ comes fully assembled as one simple unit. Inside the unit, there is the replaceable filter that can be accessed by pressing down on the Molekule and twisting counter-clockwise. There is a vegan leather carrying handle attached to the outside of the unit.
Molekule Mini 4
The replaceable air filter sits on the inside of the Molekule on a base that has sensors in the center of the base, and the rest of the electronics are in the top cover.
Molekule Mini 5
Molekule Mini 6
On the top of the filter, there is the air vent that goes around the diameter of the filter. The center of the top is touch-sensitive and there are status LEDs.
Molekule Mini 18

Molekule Mini 7
Molekule Mini 8
Molekule Mini 20
Molekule Mini 19
At the bottom of the filter, there is a cutout to wrap the cord around and put it away when not in use. Above the cutout, there is the Particulate Matter Sensor.Molekule Mini 9
Molekule Mini 10


The Molekule Air Mini+ is a plug and play filter. It arrives with the filter installed in plastic, so you must first open the unit and remove the plastic. Then, all you have to do is unwrap the cord from the bottom and plug it in. Once you do, you touch the top center of the filter to adjust the power up or down.

According to the manufacturer: “Traditional HEPA filters only collect some pollutants. PECO destroys them, including VOCs and mold, with modern, breakthrough science.
Molekule Air Mini uses a patented PECO-Filter, which is coated with our proprietary catalyst and breaks down VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, and other pollutants at a molecular level when activated by light.”
Molekule Mini 11The touch surface in the top center of the filter allows you to turn it on/off, or set it to any of the 5 power levels.
Molekule Mini 12
Here are some actual screenshots from the App:


“Molekule Air Mini uses a patented PECO-Filter, which is coated with our proprietary catalyst and breaks down VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, and other pollutants at a molecular level when activated by light.”
Molekule Mini 13

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The easily changeable filter
  • The compact size
  • The effectiveness

What I’d change

  • I would like to see an LED touch panel on the top of the filter with text info
  • More sound insulation

Final thoughts

Much like the Molekule Air Mini, this Molekule Air Mini+ delivers the same air filtration in my home. I put this one in my home office space where I also spend a lot of time. I am always happy to add these filters to my spaces because I have witnessed first-hand the positive effect on my allergies and including the fact that since adding them, my kids rarely get asthma attacks. Its operation is simple and just like it’s twin, the Molekule Air Mini, it looks great. The mini size is perfect for my smaller room. As I mentioned earlier in this review when the unit is turned up to full power, it is quite loud, but up to level 3 of 5, the sound seems to blend in as a part of the room’s ambient sound.

Price: $499
Where to buy: Molekule website and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Molekule.

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