Arrow & Eaves Pocket Keychain Pen review

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REVIEW – In my opinion, pens are like money, you can never have enough! I feel the same way about EDC Gear, so a pen that is worthy enough to become part of my EDC is definitely worth taking a look at. Today I want to show you the keychain pen from Arrow & Eaves. Let’s take look!

What is it?

The keychain pen from Arrow & Eaves is just what the name implies, it’s a pen that you can carry on your keychain (belt loop, etc) as part of your EDC (every day carry).

Design and features

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The keychain pen’s cap and barrel have been machined out of grade 5 titanium with a cross between a gloss and satin finish. The cap has two flat sections that would be the perfect spot for an engraving of initials or a company logo.

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The pen measures 3.3″ inches (8.4 cm) when closed and 4.9″ inches (12.4cm) when posted. The pen is compact when it’s not in use, but when you’re using it, it turns into a nicely sized pen that’s about an inch shorter in length than a traditional pen (pictured above with a Uniball Signo).

The cap end of the pen has a large loop that makes it easy to attach to a keychain or lanyard. The opposite end has the pen barrel which is held in place with friction and the aid of a black rubber O-ring.

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When you need to use the pen, you just unscrew the cap and pull out the barrel from the cap, flipping it around and posting the cap on the back of the pen takes very little effort. When you’re done, removing the cap from the back of the pen results in a satisfying pop from the suction. It’s almost a fun fidget toy in that respect.

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The Arrow & Eaves keychain pen uses a standard D1 sized ink refill that you can easily find on Amazon. Included with the keychain pen are 2 refills (Schmidt blue ink) and 2 O-rings.

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Replacing the refill is easy as long as you have a flat screwdriver nearby, which could be an issue if you happen to run out of ink when you’re mobile. Note: I was just informed by Arrow & Eaves that the loop on the cap is not only a good place to attach a keychain, but it also doubles as a flat screwdriver! All you do is unscrew the bronze screw from the back of the pen and pull out the refill from the base of the screw, insert a new one, and then screw it back together.

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Writing with the Arrow & Eaves keychain pen is comfortable but substantial in hand. Some might say it’s a little too heavy at 1.8oz (50g). That said, the back of the pen is a little heavy so the balance could be better. Not a deal-breaker by any stretch of the imagination, but just something that I noticed. I think the attached split ring and carabiner contributes to the lack of balance and top heavy feel.

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What I like

  • Rugged
  • Comes with an extra refill

What I’d change

  • Expensive

Final thoughts

Pens are like watches and other EDC gear because it’s all about personal preference. If you happen to love titanium gear, you’ll probably love this pen because it’s made to last forever and has a rugged industrial style. The extra weight/bulk and price tag might not bother you. But if you prefer something a little lighter in weight, you might want to look elsewhere.

Price: $65.00
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Arrow & Eaves.

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