These puzzles not only cure boredom, but they look awesome too

inside3cube 2

NEWS – If practicing social distancing has you feeling bored out of your mind, the Inside 3 puzzles are something that can help you exercise your brain and will get your mind off the fact that you can’t go out with your friends right now.

What is it? It’s a plastic box with a multi-floor labyrinth (maze) hidden inside. The object of the game/puzzle is to move the ball bearing through the maze by moving it back and forth and side to side until the ball can be seen in the other slot on the back of the cube.

inside3cube 1

If you need some help (cheater!) you can open the box to see the levels and where your ball is. There are several variations of the Inside 3 puzzles available and they are priced starting at $13.90 and up to $21.90 each on Amazon.

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