Double leash is handy for two-dog families but not all pups

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Peteast Doubledogleash 1

NEWS – The first time we tried walking our two dogs together, it could have been a YouTube hit if anyone was filming. It was crazy, with two leashes and two dogs, accompanied by three humans trying to wrangle them, constantly tangled up and tripping over each other. 

Bummed that I may never be able to walk my two pups on my own, I got a double dog leash from Peteast. It’s $9.99 on Amazon, rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with more than 1,000 ratings.

This leash is great if you like being nearly tripped by a puppy who keeps sneaking up behind you and making you jump like you’re doing double-dutch as you try not to faceplant into the sidewalk. The same tripping-hazard puppy also got flung forward more than once by her much heavier sister who’s easily excited by squirrels.

Peteast Doubledogleash 2

We’ll try it again when my second dog is older, stronger and better at walking on a leash. If your dogs are roughly the same size as one another, on the calmer side and good at walking together, I predict you’ll have a much better experience. 

Unfortunately, I’ll need to hang up this leash. At least for a while.

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  2. the highest number of dogs living under our roof, at one time, was six. they ranged from a irish wolfhound to a rat terrier.

    it took a lot of determination and discipline to take them out alone, but we did…on occasion. we were lucky, murphy led the pack while my fox terrier thought that everybody should behave so the fat guy walking them didn’t holler.

    we had less difficulty with six than two or three. pack dynamics?

    anyway, my wife likes tandem leashes and I prefer separate leashes. I suppose it’s just a matter of the person guiding the walk being the ultimate arbiter of behavior.

    if you like the tandem leash you’ll have to convince your beasts that they do as well. that can be a bit of work.

    good luck!

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