You can build these ultra cool metal plane models without glue or solder

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metalearth 2

NEWS – We’ve talked about Metal Earth models in the past, but I haven’t visited their site in a very long time until yesterday. In the past, their no glue, no solder steel models were all plain silver. Now they are offering a variety of new models in color and they look really awesome.

metalearth 1

In addition to cool aircraft like the ones you see pictured here, they also offer Harry Potter models including the Hogwart’s Express. Other models include Marvel characters like Iron Man, Black Panther, and even The Flintstones!

To build these models, you just need to snip the pieces from the steel part sheets, bend tabs, and assemble. If you think you’d like to try your hand building something cool, head over to Metal Earth to for more info and then go to Amazon to buy them where they are priced affordably starting around $7 and up to $40.

4 thoughts on “You can build these ultra cool metal plane models without glue or solder”

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  2. Not about this post, but I can’t find the search tab for gadgeteer. Just ordered a new IPad Air and want to see if you have reviewed any sleeve type cases for it. If so please send me the link via email. Thanks Julie

  3. They would no doubt be fun to build, but they’re not very accurate. The canopy and the nose cone on the F15 are nothing like the originals and positively ugly. I would prefer to own a die-cast model.

  4. Oh man! My hobby back in the days when I could see up close.
    Scale (plastic) model building. I would spend months building a plane. Detailing the cockpit, engine and everything. When I reached my fifties, I put down the airbrush, glue & paint and gave it up. Donated all my models to a local aircraft museum. I might grab one of these, just to “relive the glory days”.

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