MOFT-Z is a 4-position standing desk in the size of a magazine

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– MOFT (Mobile Office for Travelers) just launched their latest Kickstarter project – the MOFT Z. Billed as the world’s first invisible sit-stand laptop desk, it is an origami-inspired stand that has 3 seated angles and will extend to 10 inches in seconds, to allow you to place your laptop or tablet high enough to use in a standing position.

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The super-fast GIFs on the site show the stand being moved between several positions in the blink of an eye, but after watching them for a dozen or so cycles, it looks to me like something that could be done. Have a look and be a part of the action, if you’re among those who find yourself traveling and needing to work in a variety of spaces. It could do your back a world of good! But remember, Kickstarter is not a store. Those items may or may not come to be!

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Using your tablet while on the road is a constantly changing need. Sometimes, you want to type, sometimes you want to read, sometimes you’re marking up copy in a document for later editing – and many of these uses require (or at least work more naturally in) different positions. The MOFT-Z allows you to use your tablet in all these positions and at various angles.

MOFT: Mobile Office for Travelers, is a brand dedicated to creative inventions that boost your productivity! Our formula is simple: Smart products = Increased efficiency.

Whether you are a traveler, entrepreneur or a remote worker, our products provide the highest level of comfort making your hectic schedule productive and efficient!

We work together and share the same passion towards a goal – To serve you better!

Our products are designed with love, innovation, and attention!

Current early-bird support level is $64. The earliest-bird at $59 sold out in just a few hours!

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