Let them know you’re stopping fast with Braking Bar

NEWS – One of the more common traffic accidents is getting rear-ended by distracted drivers, especially in the case of an emergency, or even a quick stop.  If only there was a way to get the attention of the driver behind you.

Enter Braking Bar!

Braking Bar is a battery-operated brake light that mounts via suction cups to the rear window of your vehicle.

Sensors in the Braking Bar monitor braking effort 100 times per second and pulsate the LED lights to alert the vehicle behind you when you’re stopping hard.  They only light in the event of hard braking, leaving normal braking notification to the standard brake lights and the factory-installed center, high-mount stop lamp (CHMSL). The LEDs are claimed to be three times as bright as the CHMSL.

The super-bright flashing lights are said to be able to get the attention of drivers that are eating, taking on the phone, texting, reading, doing their nails, shaving, or whatever distraction is taking their eyes off the road and the read end of your car.

To see the Braking Bar in action, check out their video demo:

With a claimed battery life of four years, Braking Bar should be a set-and-forget safety add-on to your vehicle.

Braking Bar costs $99 and is available directly from Braking Bar. For more information, visit Braking Bar.

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6 thoughts on “Let them know you’re stopping fast with Braking Bar”

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  2. I’m not sure why you would want this extra brake light only for hard braking.

    I’ve changed all six brake light bulbs (four in the third brake light and one in each tail light assembly) to extremely bright LEDs that also flash three times when first actuated. It accomplishes the same effect as this light bar at about 60% of the price.

    1. I think the point is that some find the constant flashing annoying for regular braking. This is designed to indicate hard braking. Different strokes.

      1. I WANT to be annoying! If I’m annoying, that means they see me. What’s annoying is looking through the rear view mirror at somebody staring at their cell phone.

      2. I’ve seen some vehicles with the constant flashing CHMSL and it is annoying. There is a Nissan dealer here that installes this add on kit on a their cars CHMSL and charges a couple hundred bucks on a second window invoice along with other BS charges, guess this replaced the undercoating rip off. These are available as add on kits for a CHMSL that electronically measures deceleration and flashes the lights on hard breaking only. Never installed one but could of helped twice if I did, duh.

  3. As a kid growing up in the 60’s, I was always fascinated with the mid 60’s Ford Thunderbird “sequential” turn signals. When I bought my first car, I converted the tail light assembly using an old shelby “dynamite” stick to do the same thing. I’ve owned 5 Mustangs, and even the one I have now, I redid the sequential lights that came with it, and went with a newer one that not only works for the turn signals, but the brake lights as well. I figure when SIX bright LED’s pop on from the center to the outside, it should be distracting enough to “WAKE UP someone behind me, before they plow into my car.
    I like it to be as annoying as possible, to keep their attention on the car in front of them, than their phone, kids, spouse, radio or whatever distraction they might have.

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