Pad & Quill’s new iPhone 11 Pro cases showcase hand-polished walnut

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NEWS – Pad & Quill, maker of fine leather accessories for Apple products, recently announced two new iPhone cases. Made specifically for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, the new cases are not made of leather, instead the company is using hand-polished wood. 

The Woodline Slim iPhone 11 Pro Case is made of hand-polished walnut with a core of DuPont Kevlar Aramid fibers (which are 5x Stronger than steel at equal weight). P&Q describes it as “the World’s Most Beautiful Wood Case for iPhone 11 Pro.” The case is less than a millimeter thin and wireless charging compatible. It’s precision fit specifically for the iPhone 11 Pro and features access to all ports.

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The Aspen iPhone 11 Pro Walnut Wood Case offers the beauty of wood with drop protection. The case features a 1mm front edging to keep your screen from getting scratched up when you place it on a flat surface. And According to P&Q, the case will protect your iPhone with 2-meter drop protection.

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 Pad & Quill sources real American walnut assuring that no two cases are exactly alike. Also, each craftsman’s signature is subtly placed on the interior behind the iPhone after being hand-finished.

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 The Woodline Slim sells for $49.95 while the Aspen sells for $39.95. However, if you pair either case up with one of P&Q’s Bella Fino Wallet Cases for iPhone and use the code TOGETHER, you can get 25% off.

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