IrisVision gives people with low vision problems the ability to see clearly again

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NEWS – If you thought VR goggles were only good for playing games, you would be wrong. The people at IrisVision are using VR headsets to give people with low vision problems like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and more the ability to have clearer vision.

Using a smartphone mounted to a headset, IrisVision helps the user’s brain access the parts of their eyes that still function properly and provides enough information to fill in the gaps and remap the scene captured by the smartphone camera into a complete picture. This scene enhancement is performed using multiple algorithms developed for various eye conditions.

The IrisVision headset allows wearers to zoom in on objects so that they can read their favorite books, watch TV, ride as a passenger in a car, and more. Note that the device is not designed to allow the wearer to drive a car or even walk around while wearing it.

IrisVision is an FDA Class 1 device that has been clinically validated and developed in collaboration with world-renowned vision scientists at Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, and UPMC Pittsburg and backed by the National Eye Institute. This system doesn’t come cheap at $2,950.00 but it’s hard to put a value on sight. Visit for more info.

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