Ditch the keyboard but let your fingers keep typing with the new Tap Strap 2 wearable keyboard

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NEWS – About a year ago, I reviewed the Tap wearable keyboard and mouse. As far as alternative keyboards are concerned, it was one of the more unusual ones that I’ve tested. Well, now Tap is back with an updated model with their new Tap Strap 2 wearable keyboard which introduces their new AirMouse feature. This feature will let you feel like you’re Tom Cruise from the Minority Report because you’ll be able to control any Bluetooth-connected device with the wave of your hand.

The Tap Strap 2 looks like a string of 5 rings, one for each finger, that give your hand superpowers to type and control devices like iPads, Smart TVs, and more. Like their previous version that I reviewed, you use combinations of finger taps called chords to tap letters, numbers, and punctuation characters. There’s also a Mouse Mode, which allows users to control your computer’s onscreen cursor to click and scroll just like you do with a traditional optical mouse.

The new Tap Strap 2 is currently available for $199 on Amazon or TapWithUs.com. To learn more, visit TapWithUs.com.

13 thoughts on “Ditch the keyboard but let your fingers keep typing with the new Tap Strap 2 wearable keyboard”

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  2. I did not read your review of the first model, is there a link available? If not would you mind giving a very short overall opinion on the ordinal models performance? Like did you like it? Would you recommend purchasing one to your friend? Was it worth the relatively high cost over, say a high end mechanical keyboard around the same price? Thanks

  3. I’ma self-learning student with Career Karma. Studying Software Engineering, this would be perfect for me! thanks for the invention. Great work!

  4. Listen here “Julie,” what kind of review is this you sociopath? There is zero product detail or rating! Do you take pleasure out of confusing these baboons you call your audience.

    1. Listen here “Adam”, that wasn’t a review… It was a quick news post introducing our readers to the product. If it had been a review, the word review would have been in the title and would have been the first word in the article. Having said that, an actual review is coming soon.

  5. Christine Massey-Funk

    I obviously did not think this was a review. However, it made me want to know a lot more about this gadget. The article left us hanging. You should have at least written one sentence that went something like this.”As soon as I find out more about this gadget I will definitely let you, my reader/s know.” That would have stopped us from feeling like your article was an incomplete sentence in itself.

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