Your phone keeps this mini shaver charged

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NEWS – A couple of weeks ago, I introduced everyone to a unique mini razor that worked more like a miniature manual lawnmower than a shaver. That post got a lot of views which tells me that people must really be interested in razors and shavers. So I went searching for other shaving gadgets and stumbled upon the Hanbaili Mobile Phone Razor.

This pocket-sized trimmer is charged through micro USB or a Lightning connector, so it’s suitable for Apple iPhones and older Android phones.

This shaver is obviously not going to be robust enough to shave off a thick beard, but it might work fine for touch-ups.

You can try one yourself if you’re willing to spend $7.39 by ordering one from Amazon

2 thoughts on “Your phone keeps this mini shaver charged”

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    1. I know! I would rather have a functioning phone than a smooth face. You should have seen me after my last backpacking trip. Phone was still well charged.

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