Nextbase 522GW dash cam review

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REVIEW – Do you have a dash cam in your vehicle yet? A dash cam is a type of gadget that you install and then forget about it. The hope is that you’ll never need it unless it’s to review some fun footage it captured instead of accident footage.

Choosing a dash cam can be similar to choosing a laptop or a smartphone. There are so many dash cams available that it can be difficult to choose one. I’m here today to make your choice even more difficult because I’m going to tell you about the 522GW dash cam from Nextbase. Put on your seatbelt and let’s take it for a ride.

What is it?

The Nextbase 522GW dash cam is a camera that sticks to your windshield and automatically records video footage as you drive your vehicle.

Hardware specs

Resolution: 2560×1440 @ 30fps, 1080p HD @ 60fps
Lens: 6 layer f1.3
Viewing Angle: 140°
Screen: 3″ HD IPS Touch screen
GPS: 10Hz
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2

What’s in the box?

nextbase 522gw 12

  • 522GW dash cam
  • Windshield suction mount
  • Click & Go GPS mount
  • Power cable fitting tool
  • Vehicle power adapter
  • mini USB cable

Design and features

nextbase 522gw 11

The 522GW dash cam is one of the larger dash cams that I’ve had the opportunity to review. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that it will be easily noticed if someone looks at your windshield.

nextbase 522gw 10

As you can see, the lens sticks out from the body of the dashcam quite a bit. If you look closely at the image above and the one below, you can see that the front edge of the lens has an adjustable polarizing filter ring. You can turn this ring to reduce any glare from your dash board.

You will also notice the USB port. This can be used to connect the camera to your computer in order to transfer video files.

nextbase 522gw 9

On one side of the camera, there is a covered port that can be used to attach an optional rear camera or connect the camera to a larger monitor using an HDMI cable.

nextbase 522gw 6

The other side of the camera has a power button and a micro SD card slot.

nextbase 522gw 8

On the bottom of the Nextbase 522GW dash cam is a light sensor for the Screen Dimming feature and a reset switch.

nextbase 522gw 7

The back of the camera has a large color touch screen that you use to customize the settings. You can do this through the myNextbase Connect app as well. Since the settings configuration and even a live view of the camera can be accomplished through the MyNextbase app, a built-in screen really isn’t needed.

Below the display is a red button that you can press to make a separate video file containing 10 seconds prior to the button press and 20 seconds after the button press. This video file is saved to the Protected folder on the micro SD card.

nextbase 522gw 5

There’s a magnetic cover on the front of the camera that protects a connector for the included Click & Go GPS mount.

The Click & Go GPS mount is a windshield mount that uses 3M adhesive. But if you’re like me and prefer not to stick a strong adhesive directly to your windshield, you can remove the adhesive part of the Click & Go GPS mount and attach it to the included suction mount and use that instead.

nextbase 522gw 1

The suction mount has a lever that makes it easy to stick and unstick the mount from the windshield.

nextbase 522gw 14

Once installed on your windshield, the power cable can be routed and hid under the car’s headliner and plastic molding around the windshield using the included tool. This tool helps you wedge the cable under the plastic for a much neater installation.

The myNextbase Connect app

You don’t have to use the myNextbase Connect app with this dash cam, but doing so makes it easier to configure the camera’s settings and watch/download recordings without removing the microSD card from the camera.

nextbase 522gw 17

Setting up the app is relatively easy, but I did find it to be a little fiddly at times. For one thing, the app connects to the dash cam via WiFi and initiating that connection can be painfully slow.  I also had issues configuring the Alexa feature. But more about that in a minute.

There are many settings that you can adjust and features that can be toggled. Some of these settings include:

Video resolution

1440P @ 30FPS 720P @ 30FPS
1080P @ 60FPS 720P @ 30FPS
1080P @ 30FPS 1080P @ 30FPS

Video length

1, 2, or 3 min

You can also toggle the screensaver so that your speed is shown on the dash cam’s display instead of the live view.

Accessing the video from the dash cam is easy with the app. I like that the Nextbase app collects speed, and GPS info so that it can show an animated map of your travels for each video clip.

Some of the other features of this dash cam include:

Intelligent Parking Mode (Incident Aware)

nextbase 522gw 71

When this feature is enabled, it records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle when left unattended. Of course, this means that you’ll need to provide power to the camera at all times for it to work.

I didn’t crash my car on purpose to test this feature, but it was activated when I drove over a pothole and it saved a locked video that wouldn’t be overwritten.

Emergency SOS

nextbase 522gw 70

In the event of an accident where the driver is unresponsive, the Nextbase Emergency SOS feature can alert the emergency services of your location along with important medical details that you add to the app.

When an accident is detected, the Emergency SOS feature will do some checks before contacting emergency services. This includes calling your phone. If you answer it, it will cancel the action to contact emergency services.


nextbase 522gw 72

The feature that I had the most trouble setting up was the Alexa feature. This feature requires that you also install the Alexa app on your phone and have it running when you want to use this feature. My first attempt configuring Alexa with the 522GW Nextbase dash cam wasn’t successful and I ended up having to uninstall the MyNextbase Connect app, the Alexa app, and the Bluetooth pairing with the dash cam on my phone. Then I had to reinstall and reconfigure everything. Doing all of this was successful but it only allowed me to test the Alexa feature for one test drive. The next time I tried it, it wouldn’t work again and I refused to uninstall everything for a 2nd time to try to get it working.

I questioned the people at Nextbase as to why an Alexa feature would even be necessary or desirable when you could just use the Alexa app on your phone and be done with it. This was the response that I received.

Here is why you would want Alexa in the Dash Cam rather than just on your phone:

1 – The Nextbase Dash Cam has two inbuilt microphones specifically tuned to pick up speech in a car – making the recognition of your voice commands significantly better than through a single microphone on a phone. Having 2 very sensitive microphones near your head is very beneficial to voice recognition.

2- In order to make Alexa work on a phone you need to “press” the Alexa symbol on the phone to activate it. With the Dash Cam you don’t need to touch the screen

3- As the dash cam is connected to your phone, you will shortly be able to “control” the dash cam with commands like “take a photo” or “lock that video” – using an upcoming Nextbase dash cam “Skill”. This will soon give handsfree control of the dash cam.

4- You can have you phone in a bag/pocket and still control Alexa – to then play music through your car speakers etc

If you notice their third reason, it states that the Nextbase skill is not yet available. So at this time, you can only use the feature for other Alexa commands like asking about the weather, playing music, etc. It’s also important to know that the audio from Alexa comes from your phone and not the dash cam. So yeah, I really don’t see the point.

Video quality

Let’s see some video clips from the Nextbase 522GW dash cam.

If you don’t want all the info at the bottom of each video, you can toggle off the various stamps like time, GPS, and speed.

Desktop app

nextbase 522gw 200

Nextbase also offers a desktop app for Windows and Mac that will let you load the videos from the micro SD card to see the same info that you can see when you watch them through the mobile app.

What I like

  • Built-in GPS
  • Expansion capability for rear cameras
  • Trip info in app
  • Mounting options

What I’d change

  • Lower the price
  • Improve connection speed between app and camera
  • Implement Alexa skills
  • Fix Alexa connectivity problems

Final thoughts

The Nextbase 522GW is a nice dash cam and it worked well for me except for the Alexa feature and slow WiFi connection. The camera has good video quality in day time and night time. I do think it’s a little overpriced though as I’ve seen other 2K dash cams with GPS capability and G-Sensor features for less than $200.

Price: $259.99
Where to buy: Nextbase
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Nextbase.

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  2. Do you have to constantly remove it when parked or do you feel safe enough having it mounted without attracting any thieves?

    1. That’s the one thing I don’t like about the NextBase line of dash cams is that they hang down a lot more than other cams. I prefer a wedge shaped cam tucked up behind my rear view mirror

  3. Is this set up to be a “set it and forget it” kinda dashcam? Ie i leave it plugged in 24/7, it records over and over again in a loop without me doing more than turn the car on, and (with proper settings on) it’ll save important videos such as crashes?
    Also how many minutes can it loop store at 2K with a decent sized SD card?

    1. Eric, yes, it’s a set it and forget it device that records 1, 2, or 3 minute video clips and will overwrite the oldest ones when the micro SD card is full. I don’t know the exact number of minutes you can store on an micro SD other than A LOT! 😉

      1. Can you connect the camera to a desktop PC via a home wifi network?
        Ideally i would download the clips from the camera directly to my Windows PC without removing the camera or the memory card from the car.

  4. I’m about to buy this very dash-cam, and have researched it on the net. A 64gb card can hold 4 hours of video (or 2 hours if rear camera also fitted). You didn’t mention the modular rear camera, which simply plugs in to the hdmi socket and views through the rear screen.

  5. I’ve gone through two nextbase 522 dashcam.
    The first one wouldn’t pair with the phone or pick up GPS satellite
    The second one the screen frozen most of the time.
    So I’m on my third one in two weeks.
    The nextbase app is flimsy at times, connection by WiFi to camera is hit and miss.
    Alexa is non existent..No matter how many times I uninstall the apps and reinstall.It simply won’t work..Major improvements needed to this camera.

  6. What a load of crap that the 522 is can’t even talk to it don’t even no if there is a volume on it can’t download manual should have been like others and read the reviews

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