Even wizards need a backup battery!

cellder wand

NEWS – The Harry Potter Wizards Unite game (a Pokemon Go! styled augmented reality game for Harry Potter fans) is really hot right now and if you’re out blasting dementors and other baddies, you will need to make sure your smartphone is always charged and ready for action. The CELLder Wand (clever right?) from Gogotoro will do the trick. This extendable wand hides a 5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery that will provide hours of spellcasting fun for your adventures in the wizarding world. Just press a button to extend the wand and check out the lumos-enabled tip. That’s a flashlight, for you muggles (non-magic folk). You can buy the CELLder Wand for $39.99 at gogotoro.com

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