Letscom Fitness Tracker (ID115PlusHR) review

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REVIEW – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that American adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.  This roughly translates into taking 10,000 steps a day.  The Mayo Clinic, however, estimates that the average American only walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, far short of what is healthy.  My wife agreed to test Letscom’s Fitness Tracker as part of her efforts to get to that 10,000-step level.  Is this the right gadget for the job?  Read on to find out.

What is it?

It is a fitness gadget worn on the wrist that tracks exercise and sleep patterns, monitors heart rate, and provides alerts and alarms.

What’s in the box?

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  • The tracker with associated wrist band
  • A quick start guide
  • A manual with 18 pages of English instruction (in a very, very small font)

Hardware specs

  • IP67
  • GPS connection for tracking exercise routes and locations
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting to mobile app
  • OLED screen (not a touch screen)
  • USB charging
  • Lithium battery that should run 5 to 10 days on a charge
  • Charging time is 1-2 hours

Design and features

My wife has been wearing this gadget for 3 weeks non-stop, except when she showers or when it needs charging.  She’s utilized the majority of its features and has a good appreciation of its capabilities.  Here’s what she found.

Installation and setup

The fitness tracker comes in three pieces:  The tracker itself and the 2 halves of the watch band.  The tracker is approximately 1.5 inches long and ¾ of an inch wide and has connectors for the wrist band on the top and the bottom.

letscom tracker 3

When flipped over, you can see that one of the connectors is used for charging, and that there’s a monitor that will be against the skin.

letscom tracker 4

The first step in the installation process is to charge the tracker for at least 2 hours, which my wife did by connecting it to our Anker USB charging station.  When you plug it in, you have to make sure that the little red light comes on, otherwise, it won’t actually charge.

letscom tracker 5

The second step is to attach the watch band.  Make sure that “bottom” side, the one with the little button, connects to the band with the holes and the “top” side connects to the band with the buckle.

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The third and final step is to download the mobile app.  There are a pair of QR codes in the manual, one for iOS and one for Android.  For iOS, this takes you to the VeryFitPro app, which is a free download.

Fitness Tracker Modes

The fitness tracker has 7 modes, each with its own unique screen.  You can cycle through the modes by pressing the button.  The screen is not a touch screen, so the only interaction is via the one button.

The main screen shows the time, like a watch.  It can be configured to show the date, battery status, Bluetooth status, or the steps taken today.

letscom tracker 7

Step mode shows how many steps have been taken today, how many miles have been walked, how many minutes have been active (including walking), and how many calories have been consumed.

letscom tracker 8

Heart rate mode measures the current beats per minute (BPM).

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Alarm mode displays your next alarm and allows you to disable it.  New alarms can only be set via the mobile app.  (And yes, my wife’s next alarm is for 4:30am.  She gets up way too early to teach ESL to international students.)

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Walk mode allows you to track the steps taken and time spent on a specific walk.  You use the button to tell the tracker when you stop and start your walk.  It will also monitor your heart rate while walking.  Although my wife didn’t test the run and bike modes, she assumes they offer similar capabilities to the walk mode.

The tracker’s interface is as simple as it gets.  This makes it easy to move between the modes and use them as necessary.  The more advanced functionality comes through the tracker’s interaction with the mobile app.

The only downside to the tracker is that the process of monitoring the heart rate involves the use of a rather bright green strobing light.  During the day, this is not noticeable; but if you’re a light sleeper, as I am, this can wake you up at night.

letscom tracker 11

VeryFitPro mobile app

Letscom has created a mobile app that works with the fitness tracker by providing better visualization and long-term storage of the fitness data.  To use the mobile app, my wife first paired it with the tracker.  She made sure Bluetooth was enabled on her phone, then she opened the app, selected the Device button, chose Bind Device, and then selected “ID115Plus HR” from the list of devices.  Whenever she wants to sync the data in the tracker with the app, she simply has to “swipe down” on the main page when her phone is near the tracker.

The bottom of the mobile app has 5 buttons:  Mainpage, Details, Device, User, and a giant orange plus.  The Mainpage button shows the main page, which is a fairly detailed visualization of all activities that have been completed so far today.  For example, it lists the steps taken, calories burned, and time spent in an activity.

letscom tracker 12

If you click on the Sleep tab, it shows how long you slept, and if you touch the number of hours, then it shows your sleep patterns for the previous night.

letscom tracker 13

The Details button depicts overviews for today, this week, this month, and this year.  If you swipe to the right on any of these screens, you can see previous days, weeks, months, and years.

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The Device button specifies how the mobile app interacts with the fitness tracker.  For example, it can set alerts when your phone gets a call or a text or when you’ve been stationary too long.  When your phone receives a call, it briefly displays the phone number or contact name on the trackers.  When it receives a text (or a private message from apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat), it briefly displays the text on the tracker.

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The User button sets a variety of information about you, the user of the tracker, such as the number of steps you hope to walk in a day, and your preferences, such as imperial vs metric units.  It’s worth noting that the Third Party Program features allows you to send information to the Apple Health app on your iPhone, if you have one.

letscom tracker 16

The giant orange plus button functions like a pop-up menu that brings up three more menu choices.  The first choice is used to record runs, walks, hikes, and rides, if you don’t have your fitness tracker with you.  The second choice is used to record a variety of different activities, such as yoga, badminton, and mountain climbing.  The third choice is used to record your weight.

In general, my wife really likes the mobile app.  She finds that the main screen is helpful for getting a quick overview about how she’s progressing during the day.  She also finds the various charts and graphs to be informative.

She also discovered three problems.  One, the sedentary alert sometimes goes off right after she finishes walking.  Two, the sleep monitor doesn’t record afternoon naps as sleeping.  Three, messages from her phone are displayed too briefly, and there’s no way to go back and read them again.  In general, these are fairly minor problems that don’t detract much from the quality of the mobile app.  (Although it did leave her wondering if it’s worth paying more for a more powerful gadget, like an Apple Watch.)

Extra Features

To recharge the battery, my wife has to pull off the lower half of the band.  The first time she tried to pull it off, she couldn’t, as it was so tight.  She asked for me to help, and it still took me over 2 minutes to get it off.  Over time, however, this has become easier, as the band has loosened up.  I am concerned that if this process continues, it will eventually become so loose that it won’t stay on the tracker.  I wish that Letscom has designed an alternate mechanism for attaching and detaching the band or a completely different mechanism for charging.  Although the battery is rechargeable, the manual notes that it is not replaceable.

The tracker that my wife tested was black, but it also comes in blue, purple, red, green, and pink.


While reading the manual, I came across several scary (and slightly humorous) statements:

  • “The device, accessories, heart rate monitor, and related data are intended only to be used for recreational purposes and not for medical purposes.”
  • “The heart rate readings are for reference only, and no responsibility is accepted for the consequences of any erroneous readings.”
  • “While the optical write heart rate monitor technology typically provides the best estimate of a user’s heart rate, there are inherent limitations with the technology that may cause some of the heart rate reading to be inaccurate.”

When considering fitness trackers, including Letscom’s, keep in mind that these devices typically are not considered to be medical devices, as they are not approved by the FDA.  They can be helpful in estimating your health, but they are not guaranteed to be accurate.  If you have a medical or heart condition, you will probably want to look at a different category of gadgets.

What I like

  • Price is right
  • Easy to use
  • Successfully keeps my wife more aware of her activities (or lack thereof)
  • Mobile app is easy to use and does a great job of keeping and displaying data

What I’d change

  • Better charging mechanism
  • More options for viewing alerts/alarms

Final thoughts

While there may be fancier fitness trackers on the market, Letscom’s Fitness Tracker is perfect for health-conscious people who are either trying out their first tracker or who don’t want to pay premium prices.  It does everything that a fitness tracker needs to do (and more), and its mobile app provides lots of extra functionality.  If you are in the market for a tracker, my wife recommends that you take a look at this one (and so do I).

Price: $28.99
Where to buy:  Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Letscom.

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  1. Gadgeteer Comment Policy - Please read before commenting
    1. No, you do not have to turn it off. In fact, you never really turn it off. Much like your tablet or phone goes into a “sleep mode” when you don’t use it for a while, so the Fitness Tracker puts itself in “sleep mode” until you get a message or press the button.

      1. How do i get it out of sleep mode? The screen is black, no activity. It still vibrates when synching so it’s still “working” but nothing is on the screen?

        1. I’m sorry, JK, but I don’t know. I recommend contacting Letscom support and seeing if they can help. Their contact info is posted above, though you may want to check their website and make sure that you have the most current info.

      1. I just purchased the LETSCOM fitness tracker ID115PlusHR Black. My cell phone is a LG Model #LGL62VL, Android Version 5.1.1. How do I get the proper App on it to connect/sync with the fitness tracker?

          1. Thank you, James, for your reply.
            Unfortunately, when you call that number, they tell you a rep will get back to you if you leave a message and your email.

            Then there is silence followed by busy rings. They do not let you leave a message!!!

    1. If you look through the pictures that I posted of the mobile app, you will see that one of the orange ones will tell you the battery life remaining.
      Additionally, if you look at the various pictures of the tracker itself, you will see one that shows the remaining battery life in the upper right corner. I asked my wife about this, and she said you have to use the mobile app to enable this setting.
      I hope this helps!

      1. Lester Johannes

        You are right about the Charging method needs to be better.
        I bought one in 2019. A year later the hard plastic around the copper charging strands disintegrate.
        I sent a picture to Letscom support & they said it was still in warranty & kindly replaced it.
        But unfortunately the replacement; a year later has had the same problem.
        Has your wife had the same problem with hers?

        1. My wife used her tracker for about a year, and then she bought an Apple Watch, so she never saw this problem. Sorry!

      1. Hi James, really appreciate your detailed summary of this product, thank you!

        I downloaded the Letscom app which seems to have all.relvant details but will also have a look at the one you have suggested. I woke up this morning (day 2 with my new tracker) to find that betweeb 1 and 4am I have walked 6,640 steps – and i know I don’t sleep walk. Any suggestions / ideas as to how this has happened? I also can’t erase/delete without losing stats from day 1 (not really a night but don’t want to have this issue after 6 months!). Appreciate any advice, Amanda

        1. That’s a lot of sleep walking. xD No, I’m sorry, I don’t know how this might have happened. My wife wore her tracker at night and didn’t see this happen. I suggest contacting Letscom support to see what they say.

    1. You change this in the app. Click the User icon, select System Setting, select Unit Setting, and then you can choose Imperial or metric.

  2. The telephone # 1-855-293-8988 does not allow you to leave a message!!!! Is there another telephone # I can use to get help setting this thing up?

  3. I had to reload my program on my new phone. I had an old manual and the QR code now linked me to some site that was in Chinese (?). I went into the Google Play Store and did a search for the program VeryFitPro and was able to download the app from there. After that linking and setting up the device went smooth.

    Downside, day one I wore it all day and walked like crazy, but at the end of the day it only logged 68 steps in total. It also did not detect my time to bead for a good 90 minutes past when I went to sleep.

    Like the booklet says “For recreational purposes only, not an accurate medical device”.

    1. If you’re having problems, I encourage you to contact Letscomm support. You can find info in the comments above. My wife certainly found the tracker to be a lot more accurate than what you’re seeing. Perhaps there’s a setting they can help you with. Good luck.

  4. hi , my wife purchased a fiitness tracker from Amazon in March or there abouts, it worked fine until recently, then after charging seemed to get hot then stopped completely.Advise please.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. I have had my fitness tracker for a while now and accidentally deleted the app so I was unable to change the time on the watch. Since discovering this information and re-downloading the app, all is well. Thanks, again.

  6. I want a fitness tracker for my own personal use and do not believe that I should have to broadcast my location every minute of the day. Questions is who is tracking me? Who is collecting the information? Who’s server is my personal information going to? Why would a fitness tracker application need my contacts information and my pictures, and mic and camera control.
    Bad app – returning device

    1. I have to admit that I have no idea what you’re talking about. The VeryFitPro app didn’t ask me for these things, at least back when I tested it, but if they had, I would have said no. I certainly agree that it doesn’t need access to your personal data. One of the reasons why I prefer iOS is that it makes it easy to deny access to such things.

  7. Hi, although I’ve gone through the bind process and the device is showing on my phones Bluetooth list I can never get the gps to work and show the details of and activity? Any advice welcomed!

    1. Is it possible that you’re not synching? “Whenever [my wife] wants to sync the data in the tracker with the app, she simply has to “swipe down” on the main page when her phone is near the tracker.”

  8. This is excellent and thank you. I couldn’t figure out how to get the battery level to display and it was so simple. Your explanation of everything is top notch. I really like this band. I also know that you have to take off the strap at an angle – it specifically says to not try to pull it straight off. So I have no trouble taking it off and putting it on.

  9. Hello, thank you for the detailed report. It has really helped. I purchased one of these for my son for his birthday and it worked great up until today. It had gone dead so we put it to charge. So far so good. The App says it is at 100% but there is nothing on the screen. We have tried pressing the “button” nothing. We have tried re-booting on the app. It vibrates but nothing on the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Does anyone know if the Letscom Watch will work with other apps? Or is it limited to only their own (Very Fit Pro)???

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