Grand Trunk Trunktech Hammock review

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REVIEW – Can a hammock be on an EDC list? I would have said no, but the Trunktech Hammock by Grand Trunk might just find a spot in your pack if hanging around is in your list of daily activities.

What is it?

It’s a hammock that aims to change your preconceptions of the category by packing small, weighing little and surprising you with its versatility.

What’s in the box?

TTHam 04

  • Trunktech hammock
  • 2 carabiners
  • Quick instruction card

Hardware specs

  • Material: Proprietary 40D 1.1 oz Diamond Ripstop Nylon
  • Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Weight: 11.7 oz
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 11′ x 4’10”
  • They also make a double: 15.5 oz | 11′ x 6’6″

Design and features

It’s clear when you pick this up for the first time that this is not your grandfather’s hammock. It’s crazy light and stuffs into a storage bag that’s permanently attached meaning you can’t lose it.

TTHam 03

There’s a webbing handle across the bottom of the bag that you can use to lash it to the outside of your pack should there not be enough room inside (unlikely). There’s also plenty of room with the hammock fully stored anyway so you can fit the additional ropes you’ll want for hanging around.

TTHam 09

The hanging ends show that the hammock is actually a rectangle with the webbing running through a channel that bunches each of the ends up in a way that lets the hammock really form that pocket for your body. For strength, the channel is triple-stitched and the webbing is box stitched.


Grand Trunk has made the setup as simple as it gets. Un-cinch the back and un-stuff the hammock which already has the carabiners attached. From there, you’re looking for the right pair of trees or anchor points. The only thing to provide beyond that is your own cord/rope for anchoring to trees/branches. We cut a pair of 6′ ropes which also fit into the storage bag.

TTHam 10

If you want some hanging solutions that are pre-thought out for the purpose, Grand Trunk (I’ll refer to them as GT going forward) also makes a few of those including straps and tree protector slings.

UPDATE: 06/18 –  I’ve been called out (rightly so) on the ropes. If you’re hanging a hammock anywhere other than your own deck, you’ll want to use straps at least 1″ wide to protect the trees you’re using to hang from. Here’s images of the ones from Grand Trunk that I promptly ordered to lounge responsibly. There are plenty of other strap options available as well. Thanks to all of you who commented for the quick education. – Alex.

TTHam 11
TTHam 12


What are the key metrics in determining a good hammock? It likely depends on the hammock as well as what you wanted a hammock for in the first place. Would this one work on a hammock stand in your back yard? Sure, but that would definitely sell this one short, and big hammocks designed for a solitary location probably have some upsides as a result.

The fact that this GT hammock is not designed to be stationary is the point. The fabric is a ripstop nylon that’s buttery soft and super durable as well as breathable which just makes for good lounging. GT has designed the hammock to support up to 500 lbs which goes to show just how strong this material is. Keep in mind that weight limit assumes you’re using quality ropes or webbing to hang it.

I tossed the hammock to my son halfway through his final exam week of senior year in high school. I got these photos back that afternoon following an AP Calc test. Definitely a good way to kick back.

TTHam 08

TTHam 07

TTHam 05

You can see that based on the available trees, he chose to suspend from the horizontal branches which made for a more U-shaped hang. You’d definitely want to string around trunks horizontally for a more laid out position.

The Trunktech shines when it comes to packing. It just stuffs back into the attached storage pouch, and is smaller than a typical reusable water bottle and would easily double as a pillow should the need arise.

Screen Shot 2019 06 09 at 2.45.46 PM

As for colors and options, we received the Teal/Turquoise in their single size. There’s also a double size and 5 additional colors to choose from not to mention plenty of other hammocks, products and accessories on GT’s site.

What I like

  • Ultra light and small
  • Easy to deploy and store
  • Comfortable strong fabric

What needs to be improved

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

So if you’re looking for an EDC hammock, you’ve found it. Light, small, soft and strong. It’ll fit in your pack or even lash to your belt for those impromptu hangs that you know you want to take. It’s definitely in my son’s pack for the summer.

Price: $59.95 ($69.95 for Double)
Where to buy: Grand Trunk and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Grand Trunk.

7 thoughts on “Grand Trunk Trunktech Hammock review”

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  2. Please don’t hang your hammocks in trees with rope. Protect the trees and the public perception of hammockers by using straps at least 1″ wide that are designed to safely hang from trees.

    Otherwise, nice review.

    1. I agree 100%! Regardless of whether or not any damage is actually done, tree damage is a major concern. Hammocks are getting banned in some locations throughout the country. It’s important to change the perception before it’s too late.

      1. This is an incorrect way to hang a hammock. Don’t hang from a branch. Hang from a trunk. As implied in the hammock’s name. Derek Hansen of YouTube has plenty of hammock information.

        1. If you’re going to review equipment and make recommendations you should know how to use the equipment. You obviously don’t hammock camp. If you did you would know how to properly hang a hammock. Take a couple minutes and do a little research on proper hanging methods, proper hanging equipment, and proper use. For anyone who knows anything about camping hammocks this review is laughably irrelevant. You’re hanging from branches with rope suspension and way too steep an angle on that suspension. Did you even bother to look up the right way?

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the ropes. Please get a good pair of webbing straps. TreeHuggers is a popular brand, but if you’re a car camper, tow straps work fine and the weight isn’t an issue if you’re not backpacking.

    1. Thanks to all of you for the comments. I’ll update the post with some info on the appropriate straps. Appreciate the insight.

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