Nebra AnyBeam Pocket Cinema Projector review

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REVIEW – Some may say that I am addicted to television and movies since I tend to watch one or the other any time I can. Sometimes when I am in that mood, I am not at a location where television is available. This is often the case when I am away from home. My answer to accommodate my need is to find the best pocket size projector that will produce the best display and also have flexible and minimal power supply requirements. I would also like it to offer as many types of media device input options as possible. The first candidate in my testing and review lineup is the Nebra AnyBeam Pocket Cinema Projector.

What is it?

The Nebra AnyBeam is a compact and lightweight, low power consumption, high definition laser pico projector.

What’s in the box

1 x Nebra Anybeam

Design and features


  • Resolution: 720p/60FPS
  • Contrast: 80,000:1
  • Ratio: 16:09
  • Brightness: 30 ANSI (equivalent to 150 ANSI lumens in a standard DLP projector)
  • Screen size: 150″ (The projection distance is 3m depending on the environment)
  • Audio output: 3.5 Audio Jack
  • Speaker output: 1.0W (Maximum)
  • Input interface: HDMI (v1.4 HDMI female connector)
  • Rated voltage (V) / current: Rated input: DC 5V / 1.5A
  • Operating temperature: 5 ° C to 35 ° C (41 ° F to 95 ° F)
  • Size: 103mm x 50mm x 19mm
  • Weight: 133 grams
  • Mounting: Standard 1/4-20 UNC tripod mount
  • Navigation: Multi-way switch


  • Pocket size
  • Watch on any surface
  • 150+ inch screen-size
  • No need to focus
  • Plug in any device with HDMI compatibility
  • Fanless
  • Bulbless Nebra

On the front of the projector, there is a small clear window that protects the projection laser.

On the back of the projector, from left to right there is the micro USB power port, the HDMI input port and the headphone/line out port.

On one side of the projector, there is a spring-loaded multi-way switch that provides access to the settings menu and settings functions. To the left of the switch, there is a slot that is not used at this time.


This projector is probably the easiest I have ever used. First, I connected a small tripod to the 1/4-20″ mount on the bottom of the projector.

On the back of the projector, I connected a micro USB cable that I used to provide power via a USB power bank, and I connected a Roku streaming stick to the HDMI port.

Once I connected the power to the projector it immediately turned on and the Roku menu was displayed. For this testing, I projected on the ceiling. I also tried various other surfaces to see the effect, and the picture was always the same regardless of the surface. Here are some shots of the picture that was displayed on the ceiling: (I took the pictures lying on my back and from an angle, but from directly underneath are the correct format and dimensions).

The projector is completely quiet, does not get even barely warm and using my 10000mAh USB Power Bank, it seems like it could run for days.

What I like

  • The compact size
  • The laser for projection that produces a great picture and is always in focus
  • The really nice picture
  • The ability for it to be powered by a USB power bank

What can be improved

  • Add a built-in SD card and/or USB port for media playback
  • Include a User Guide
  • Include a Micro USB cable and power supply
  • 1080P HD Resolution

Final thoughts

In my opinion, the Nebra Anybeam Laser Projector is a really convenient and great performing pocket projector. When I consider that my main projector at home is probably 30 or more times the size of this projector, I am impressed by the picture it produces and the cost to capability ratio. While I know that it is only 720P and that it is limited to the HDMI input, those factors are outweighed by the portability, always-in-focus great quality picture laser projection, and the low power consumption. Regardless of the additional bells and whistles that I would like to see added to this device, in my opinion, and for my needs, it has earned two thumbs up!!

Price: $289.98 (This item is a preorder. Estimated delivery date: August 2019)
Where to buy: Pi Supply website
Sample: The sample for this review was provided by Pi Supply

5 thoughts on “Nebra AnyBeam Pocket Cinema Projector review”

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  2. In reponse to:
    “What can be improved
    Add a built-in SD card and/or USB port for media playback
    Include a User Guide
    Include a Micro USB cable and power supply

    How many USB cable and power supply do you need at home? NO I don’t think people need more usb power supply, especially low quality one.

    Requesting a USB-C interface would make more sense, or two (one for video and one for powering the device and a phone).

  3. Lachmuth Ulrich

    How about keystone alignment? Automatic, saved or does one need to manually adjust it every time the projector is powered on?

    1. You can make your alignment adjustment and save the settings. For my testing I moved the projector around a lot and was able to use it almost always without any adjustment.

  4. When you’re on the road, what do you do for sound? Do you connect a wired speaker? Bluetooth earbuds?

  5. Have you tried any of the DLP Pico Projectors? I’m curious as to your observations regarding the difference in picture quality.

    I have the Vankyo Burger and was quite impressed with it, however the fan buzzes quite a bit and it is only 480p. I still manage a surprisingly good image (given the specifications) at 117″.

    I’ve seen conflicting reports on the Nebra Anybeam, but I it really is a compelling little device.

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