Flats are a thing of the past with GM and Michelin’s Uptis program

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NEWS – Auto manufacturer General Motors and tire manufacturer Michelin have teamed up to push forward with Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System).

This tire uses a unique flexible structure to replace the air-filled chamber in traditional pneumatic tires.  This eliminates the possibility of a flat while providing similar rolling dynamics and impact resilience.

General Motors will test the Uptis tires on a fleet of electric Chevrolet Bolts with a target of 2024 to roll the tires out on passenger vehicles.

One of the main causes of tire wear is improper inflation, Uptis eliminates that and should last considerably longer, reducing waste. In addition, vehicles equipped with Uptis will not require a spare tire, reducing overall vehicle weight.

For more information, visit Michelin’s Uptis press release.

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5 thoughts on “Flats are a thing of the past with GM and Michelin’s Uptis program”

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  2. Tires like this have been announced for up to 20 years already but everyone who did it never made it happen. It seems they fear less sales because they are puncture proof.

    Loopweels invented different rims for bycicles who had tires like that and in the end they again sold those boring air-tires along with theyr rims.

    About 2 decades and I’m still waiting for such tires to actually arrive in the shops.

  3. That tire looks nasty.
    In the second picture, except at very high speed, that compression is too much. If you hit a short curb at 30kph you would likely dent your rims.
    I love the idea but I was put off by the amount of compression on such a simple obstacle. Perhaps they should also consider a Newtonian fluid?

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