One charging cable to rule them all?

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all in one


What is it?

The C17 All-In-One Charger Cable is a 4FT (125cm) USB cable that provides 3 or 4 different connections (depending on the cable version) for USB-C, micro USB, Lightning, and the Apple Watch.

Why do I like it?

I like the C17 cable because it’s one cable with all the connections most people would need. Besides that, the cable has a nylon braided cover which I like, and even better is the fact that you can use all 3-4 connections at once. You can charge your Apple Watch, an iPad or iPhone, a USB-C device, and a micro USB device all at the same time only using one USB power adapter. I think this would be a great cable to have for travelers.

Some things to consider before pledging

It’s important to know that although this cable can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, it does not support data for all of those connections. According to the FAQ on the campaign page, the only connection that will work for data is the Lightning connection with an iPhone.

You will also need a USB power adapter which won’t be included with the cable.

The max 3.8Amp current load and the Fast Charging is up to USB power adapters. We recommend the minimum output current 2.2 A/ 5V when you charging all devices at the same time.

Where can I find more info?

The C17 All-In-One Charger Cable campaign ends on 7/3/19 they are working towards their funding goal of $5,101. You can pre-order the 3-in-1 version of the C17 cable starting at $19. After the C17 campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in July 2019. Visit their Kickstarter page for all the details.

19 thoughts on “One charging cable to rule them all?”

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  2. A four foot cable?
    And multiple devices on just one cable?
    I carry a fiio m9 (USB c), a kindle fire (micro USB), an Xperia xz premium and a surface laptop 2 when I am in a hurry to several meetings and anticipate a long wait.
    If I have a presentation or need my 18″ monster laptop, then I carry a 6 port USB power hub, two USB c cables, one micro USB cable plus two or three adapters.
    I can totally see my life getting better with just this cable.

      1. Sadly no.
        It has only one usb c port. The rest is useless to me since I don’t have a single apple device.
        But I was sorely tempted if only for a chance to review it.

          1. If they made it four USB c and then sold you everything else as an adapter, I think they could get you both coming and going.

  3. “…the only connection that will work for data is the Lightning connection with an iPhone.”

    Why no data for Android devices?

  4. A much better solution to the multiple connector / cable problem (or shall we say challenge) is an adapter for each device and a cable that connect magnetically, like the NetDot series (available on Amazon).
    I have an iPad (with Lightning adapter), Samsung phone (with micro USB adapter) and a whole bunch of other gadgets with micro USB (wireless earplugs, Bluetooth speaker, Nikon battery charges, power bank, bicycle lights) that I all equiped with a magnetic adapter. Now I need just one cable (in theory)! And there are also USB-C maganetic adapter available, I think.
    The advantage is also that orientation is not important and I can connect my device even in the dark and other difficult circumstances. And in case of an emergency it disconnects immediately.
    Certainly much nicer that a weird cable with connecttoe that you probably would never use (I don’t have any USB-C device nor an Apple Watch (yet)).

      1. Ruud van der Ham

        That’s true.
        But those multiple devices you can charge have to be of a different kind, which excludes charging an Android phone and a pair of microUSB wireless earbud. Or an iPhone and an iPad.
        In other words: this is not for me.

        Have you ever tested these universal magnetic connectors, like NetDot. If not, please do: they are fantastic!

        1. I am pretty sure I’ve reviewed at least one of those magnetic connectors and yes, they are cool. But the downside is that you have to have the magnetic cable with you where ever you go. You need some in the office, some at home, and then one for travel.

  5. Lots of these types of cables available today on Amazon though none with Apple Watch option. Not sure how many individual USB ports can push enough power to allow 2.4+A out of each cable connection but that is a separate subject. Search for “multi-head USB cable” and be rewarded.

    1. Ruud van der Ham

      That’s a very good recommendation, particularly because these are sometime two or three microUSB and one lightning or something like that.
      And … they are much cheaper.
      And … they are available now!

  6. They should make one without the apple watch or make one with a Qi charger. I mean it’s kind of silly to include the apple watch charger because if you use and Android phone you wouldn’t be using an apple watch.

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