Woof – spritz! PetSafe training collars use safe spray for pooch behavior modification

petsafe collar 1

NEWS – Constant barking is one thing that all new dog owners dread.  Stopping your pooch from waking you and the neighbors at all hours of the day or night is tough.  PetSafe has a solution with their new training collars.

There are two new models, a bark collar and a remote training collar.  Both fit pups eight pounds and up with up to a 27-inch neck. The collars are USB rechargeable and have a claimed 40-hour battery life.  They use either unscented or citronella scented recyclable refill cartridges, each good for 35 sprays.

petsafe collar 4

The bark collar uses vibration and sound to determine your dog’s specific bark, eliminating false sprays from barks from other nearby dogs. Once your dog’s bark is detected, the collar emits a short burst of spray to discourage unwanted behavior.

petsafe collar 2

The remote training collar has a digital remote trigger that works up to 300 yards away. It can be used for behavior training with three modes – tone, vibration, and spray. The remote is backlit so it can easily be used both day and night.

petsafe collar 3

Both collars have LED status indicators – red for low battery and yellow for low spray. They are available directly from PetSafe now and will be available from pet supply retailers in April 2019. The Spray Bark Collar is $84.95 and the Remote Spray Trainer is $164.95.

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